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Best DAP in the market

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by supracrazy_tommy, Oct 4, 2012.
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  1. supracrazy_tommy
      Hello guys/girls,  first I'd like to say that I am using my U.S. Galaxy s3 phone to listen to music, and I hate it to say the least.  The SQ is just really bad compared to my ipod nano 6th gen.  My question is should I get an amp for my galaxy s3 phone or buy a new DAP in general.  I don't know what amp/dac setup I am suppose to go for my galaxy s3 that is affordable right now.  
    If anyone has any suggestions for amp/dac setup for my galaxy s3 or know any good DAPs out there.  I was eyeing the roCoo P because if I get that I don't need an amp.  But I hear that people are having issues with it hissing.  What would ya'll do ?   
  2. Chawanwit
    Some good dap are hifiman hm series and ibasso. 
    Good dac/amp is fiio e 17
  3. supracrazy_tommy
    Yeah I saw those Daps but they are over my budget, in the over $500.  I was looking for a Dap under $500 with good SQ.  
    The dac/amp e17 works for ipod/iphone only I thought.  I read that it doesn't work for the galaxy s3.  For price wise, I don't think anything can beat the e11 right?  I need the amp to be on the go as well.  If anyone can tell me the setup they run with their galaxy s3, that would be great ! :)
  4. eron
    Check out the soon to be released CEntrance HiFi M8. It's a portable DAC/AMP that allows you to extract the digital signal from iDevices. http://www.head-fi.org/forum/newestpost/622939
    You could use it with your existing iPod. Or when you switch to an iPhone. [​IMG]
    The idea for me is that when I'm travelling really really light, I can just listen to the iPhone since it's always with me. It sounds pretty good unamped. Then when I want really decent SQ, I can bring the HiFi M8 along.
  5. phantompersona
  6. supracrazy_tommy
    So I have to get a Dac and an amp for my galaxy s3 ?  do u kno any good suggestions ? for someone on a budget, say like equivalent to an Fiio E11 +LOD.  Can I use an E11 for my phone ?
  7. eron
    What earphones/headphone are you using with your S3?
  8. proton007
    I'm a believer in dedicated devices. Clip+ / Clip Zip.
  9. supracrazy_tommy
    I am currently using the v-moda m-80 and m-100 when it is on sale 
  10. dippyboy_87
    Had I been in your shoes I would have bought a Fiio E7 as this reports to work with galaxy S3 via usb digital audio out. Even if you are not too keen in using the usb otg cable still the E7 can work as an amp only connected via the S3's headphone-out. Fiio are famous for their absolute value for money products. These all are if it is to be used with an iem.
    In addition the Fiio E7 can find use with your computer as well.
    Keeping in mind these privileges I would choose a Fiio E7 for a try..
  11. supracrazy_tommy
    The fiio E7 works best with a usb otg cable through right?  It's only for IEM ? the only IEM i have is the Re0, but i felt they are lacking bass so i put them away.  Would this enhance my v-moda m-80s, if i I use for my galaxy s3.  
    For the Sansa clip, is that actually good sound quality coming out of those?  better than ipod maybe ?
  12. dippyboy_87
    I find the Sansa Clip to be of not much help for full size headphones due to its low power output. Even SQ wise I wouldn't swear by it. I've heard better in the form of iphones and ipods. But they are considered to drive BA iems better than many.
    Yeah using the usb otg cable would bring out the full potential of the Fiio E7. But can't comment on your v-moda m-80s.
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I'll expand the suggestions and mention HisoundStudio v 3rd anniversary, Colourlfy C3 and of course Cowon Z2 as options in your price range.

    Here are their personal threads.




    Most of these players are relatively new on the market, why their threads are still growing but....for your money these are all good options and IMO will flaw ipod in the dust.
  14. lee730

    Studio V 3rd ANV. Sound quality wise I don't see you finding anything better than it under $500.00
  15. supracrazy_tommy
    So if I go with the studio v3, an amp is not needed? I was thinking of the galaxy s3+ fiio e7, would that yield the same quality as the studio v3 or would the studio v3 still be better
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