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Best computer chair? Herman Miller Aeron, Steelcase Leap, Humanscale Freedom?

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  1. Landis Contributor
    This thread has been bumped so many times, it's ridiculous.
  2. Jarmel
    Hey I'm trying to decide between the Nightingale CXO and the HM Embody and was wondering if anybody has tried both and what their recommendation would be.  Thanks.
  3. Bev123
    Hey Guys
    Why not try the Baron Range from Okamura?
    We are agents in SA. Believe me, it is the best by far. I sit in one and have been doing so for about two years now.
    I had a back op last year (fusion) and what I love about this product is that it not only accommodates all shapes, sizes and weights, there is no restriction on blood flow to your legs and no additional strain on your vertebrae.
    This chair conforms to your shape. It is awesome!
  4. Moontan13


    Is it better than the $79.99 chair from Staples? I don't think so...
  5. createof1
    By any chance, are you selling your computer chair??? Please advise. Thanks.
  6. LunetteVerte
    I got an aeron (with lumbar support) and it has fixed my lower back pains which I got from sitting 12+ hours 6 days a week (im a programmer) in crappy chairs. There are probably cheaper chairs that would have been just as good but my selection was very limited, it was either herman miller from a luxury shop or a 10 dollar chair that will break in a couple of hours. That's how it usually is living in China.
    The aeron needs a height adjustable desk though, if you sit too high your legs will be in pain. So feets firmly planted on the ground with no pressure on the tighs.
    Also if you have a big butt and thunder thighs, the chair might be to cramped, because it's not possible to spread your legs, they have to point forward or they'll run into the frame. It is not possible to fold one leg under another.
  7. ericpwiseguy
    The BEST chair is NO CHAIR… I have ordered a AERON Work Stool when I want a break.. But I have not Sat in 2 months and I love it... IMG_1283.jpg
  8. Adamsolympia
    Just got my Aeron (size B, fully loaded w/ headrest) delivered today. ($800 through an Amazon retailer called Madisonseating)   According to their listing on Amazon, they aren't allowed to advertise it as NEW ., but seems brand new to me. It still had the original tags on it and not a single scratch or blemish.

    So far I absolutely love everything about it. Especially the ability to lock it in a slightly forward tilt, which is great for active computer work. When I want to relax, it'll lean back far enough that I could easily sleep in it. Great rocking motion too, if you like rocking chairs :wink: ..
    For a foot "rest", I picked up a Cubii under-desk elliptical,  which is a great way to stay in motion & get the blood flowing. According to the app, I burned nearly 1.6k calories with it yesterday :) I don't always put exercise-level effort into it, most of the time just slowly pedaling throughout the entire day, as I find it helps me avoid leg pain from sitting still for too long, and also increases my concentration. If you set the resistance to high (8 levels total), and put in a lot of effort, you can actually get a good, sweaty exercise with it. (which is how I got my 1.6k calorie burn...I usually average around 1000 calories a day w/ it...
    Thinking about picking up an automatic or manual adjustable sitting/standing desk in the next month or two, but not sure which one to go with yet. I use a 50 inch 4k TV as a computer monitor, so it needs to be something that will give me enough distance from the TV so it's not right up in my face , but also fit in my RV. 
  9. tdockweiler
    Best purchase i've ever made in my life I think was spending the money for the Steelcase Leap Chair. Don't remember how much I paid, but it was $800 I think.
    Bought it in maybe 2007 and it's still holding up well. So far only a few screws have fallen out, but they actually came and installed some new ones under warranty.
    They were not standard parts so I couldn't do it myself.
    I bought it because I got sick and tired of spending $100 or so on garbage computer chairs and having them fall apart every year.
    If this one ever breaks I sadly could not afford another one. This one was a purchase when I had a lot more money [​IMG]
    One of the few things that are actually worth the extra money.
    BTW I've never had any back pain when using this chair. In fact if I ever do get any back pain this chair seems to help it go away.
    Now if I only could find a bed that didn't wear out in 5 years...
    Also..pretty sure this chair was made in my own state. Not sure if they still make them here or not.
    PS it took a few days to get used to this chair. It requires some adjustments to make it comfortable. I'm 6'5" and it's perfect for me.
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