best complement for d2000 under 300~
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hello, i am still waiting for my pico... waiting sucks! but i think it will be worth it. Anyhow, I am finding out that it gets kind of tired just listening to one phone( i am pretty sure using pico later would give me new sensation) so i am looking for perfect complement for my d2000. I listen to everything. So what's the best complement to my d2000
. Please Help guys~
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300 bucks? Well, I'd go for the ATH-A900 !! I've owned the AD2000's, the Proline 750's and the DT 880. The A900's is the ones I miss the most...
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My K701 easily over-thrown my D2000, but because I don't have any proper desktop amp atm, D2000 rule out because of it's nature all rounded & easy to drive.

I suggest you to try some different cans like ultrasone?
Have you considered HFI-780? less than 300 bucks, and currently the FOTM
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I listen to everything. So what's the best complement to my d2000
. Please Help guys~

I would classify headphones as bright, dark, and neutral. How do you hear your D2000 ? Bright ? Dark ?

If you hear the D2000 neutral, which other kind of cans are you looking for ?
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Actually, I'm in the same position as you, but with a tighter budget LOL $250 ish

I'm really considering the HFI-780 as I think the D2000s are a bit lacking in the bass impact/slam department, it's wonderful otherwise though
I'm also considering the Sleek SA6 as an IEM alternative. LOL

I'll definetely be checking out this thread
good luck with your purchase.
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in order for me to decide if my phone is bright or dark i needed to have more listening session with other phones but since it's my first so i kind of have no idea^^. But I never thought sound out of my cans were bright.... yes they lack bass impact a little~~~
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Having a pair of d2000s, which I think are great, you might think of some Ultrasones. I just got the HFI-780s, and they are definitely a more aggressive headphone. Someone mentioned the A900s. I'm in the process of selling my A700s, which I once loved. Then I got the D2000s. My W1000s would offer you something much different (and VERY different from the 780s too), but out of your price range. I'd audition those 780s, if you can.

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