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Best closed headphone setup for less than $400

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by feldin, Nov 7, 2012.
  1. Feldin
    Hey guys im completely new to this( so please excuse my terminology)
    Im 15 looking for a good setup for listening on the bus
    I have abseloutly no clue of what to get
    I was very drawn in to the whole beats world but relized that beats by dre are a no-go
    I want something midly stylish
    I mostly listen to dubstep but i also like any of todays hits for the most parts so i would like a good amount of bass
    I listen on my iphone if that matters
    Another thing is that my friends have beats and they think they are the best headphones in the world and i really want to show them up
    My budget is only $400 and not a penny more preferably 350ish range

    Sorry about being penny pincher but i have to buy a car next year and etc.
    Thanks for the help
    And one more thing
    How to amps help?
  2. wippo808
    I wish I was 15 and HAD to buy a car..
    Logitech UE6000 or UE9000
    Denon D2000 (used)
    Beyerdynamic DT770
    V-moda M80
    Sennheiser HD25-1 II or Amperiors
    AKG K267
    Ultrasone HFI-580 and a bunch of other models
    There's probably some others out there as well.
  3. Xcuz
    Sony MDR-1R.
  4. Feldin
    Hey guys
    Thanks for the quick responces
    Im going to look into those models
    I dont know what im going to go with
    I really would prefer around ear phones because of the noise on the bus i forgot that at first

    Thanks again
  5. concrete
    Go listen to them first! Even cheap headphones can sound great, and expensive ones can sound painful.
  6. Feldin
    Hey i would really like some around ears
    I like the v- moda styling
    Is the m-100 any good?
    And what about amps whats the deal on those
    Sorry for the newbie questions
  7. Feldin
    Where would i go to listen to them
    I dont think my best buy carries anything but beats pretty much
  8. Porter1

    best places i've found to audition headphones:
    -local hi-fi electronics boutique stores
    -guitar center
    -best buy, note that they separate headphones into 2 (and sometimes more) locations throughout the store. check out the musical instrument section.
    also, i wish when i was 15 i was faced with the dilemma of which $400 headphones to buy [​IMG]
  9. Feldin
    Thnks again guys
    I looked into the whole amp thing and was thinking maybe putting a fiio e11 with a pair of ath m50s
    Or should i spend my budget on a better pair without a amp?
  10. Feldin
    Ive actually decided that puttig a v-moda 100 crossfades and a e11 would work pretty good for my dubstep etc.
    Any suggestions otherwise bc i love the look and i think they will be good for me
  11. decur
    nothing out there comes close to the mr speakers maddog @  $299 including genuine leather pads with comfy leather strap.
  12. MalVeauX
    Fiio E11 is overkill for efficient headphones. It's an expensive way to add a different volume knob and a bass EQ setting to a headphone that doesn't need amplification.
    You could easily be way under budget and get what you're after:
    Ultrasone HFI 580 or Ultrasone PRO 900 with a Fiio E6 (using this simply as a way to get +3 db bass without distortion, it's cheap). The PRO900 with a Fiio E6 (or even go for the E11 if you really want to) walks over garbage by Dre. And it looks like it belongs in space. Also look at the simple M-Audio Q40, with a Fiio E6 as well. Massive loads of bass, durable frame, not that flashy though. Inexpensive. Beyer DT770 PRO 80ohm on a Fiio E11 is also a very good durable and basshead friendly option, highly recommended. The AudioTechnica A900X with a Fiio E6 would also be a fantastic way to go, great sound quality, excellent bass. The key here is to get all that yummy bass you're after, but to do it with quality and to also not sacrifice the mids & treble of the headphone, or build quality, for the sake of a name brand or showing up some other teenagers. Think of this more like an investment into a quality piece of audio gear that you will want to use for years. Not just like some highschool jewelry. Or do what you want, it's your money.
    Very best,
  13. dmort
    What about the akg k550? They fit your price range, are closed, somewhat stylish, and are getting great reviews.

    Sent using Tapatalk 2
  14. Feldin
    Wow! yet another quick and informative responce
    Thanks man
    I definetly will pick one of those options
    Im looking into them
  15. Feldin
    I think the hfi 580s would work paired with the e6
    How does it perform compared to the pro 900s
    And i nearly had a heart attack when i saw the price tag on it
    I like the hfi's tag much better

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