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Best CIEM?

  1. ace8888
    So, I've been thinking for sometimes about getting a custom... coming from Fitear 334 and tralucent 1plus2. I'd say it'd be nice to get both worlds advantages (1p2 soundstage, low bass; 334 liquid smooth mids) which one do you guys think is the best?

    Fitear MH335DW
    UM Miracle
    Frogbeats C5

    Or maybe any other suggestions?

    I'm leaning towards fitear but still haven't decided yet..

    Thanks :p
  2. 3nenbgumi
    Sounds tough to me to retain a forward midrange while still having a large and spacious soundstage. Based on reviews (don't quote me), the best compromise you can have is the Starkey SA-43, which unfortunately is now discontinued. Another good contender might be the SE-5 way, but not the easiest to get if you're outside the EU.
  3. ace8888

    Yes exactly, not sure if it's possible to achieve at all since they are basically on polar opposites lol. If can I would like to stick with the more mainstream brand. Thanks though for the suggestions, appreciate it :wink:
  4. lee730

    Have you considered Heir 8A? I opted for this IEM based on all the rave reviews on it and that is has sound signatures relative to the LCD2, Lawton Denon 7000 and HE500. It's a warm sounding IEM with silky smooth treble and a spacious sound stage for an IEM. The bass is sick on them from what I'm hearing. A bassy signature but very well controlled and integrated into the sound. Pretty much I am also a sucker for bassy signatures as long as it doesn't muddy the presentation and from what I'm hearing the 8As shouldn't fail in that regard. I think if you are accustomed to 334 bass the 8A shouldn't be an issue. At least going off from what muppet said, the 8A bass is thicker but more controlled than the 334, so tighter and faster. This IEM tends to be a good all-arounder and excels at genres like Rock. Very good accuracy as well. I can't wait to get mine! :) I figured I wanted an IEM that is a 180 difference from my neutral 1Plus2s and in that I'm hoping the 8As won't disappoint.... [​IMG]
  5. ace8888

    I do hope that you will like your 8As, Lee.
    A friend of mine told me that his 335DW has a sound signature that resembles LCD3... He owns LCD2, LCD3 as well...
    What bothers me is their price.. For a 5 driver they cost that much, and others like JH18, UM Miracle, and Heir 8A  has 8 drivers each and they cost just half the 335DW... I don't know if the quality is really there ( 5 drivers vs 8 drivers ) as I have not demo'ed the 335DW myself. If I make the purchase it's solely based on my blind faith on FitEar. Plus, I can't sell the 335DW if I don't like it, hmmm tough decision lol
  6. 3nenbgumi
    Diminishing return is to be expected, but to be honest I speculate that part of the reason for the otherworldly price tag is because it's intended for the domestic market alone. Japanese folks are undoubtedly cash rich. But there's no doubt that there must be something very special in it for people to fork out that much money.
    And we all know better than to judge an IEM's sound quality based on the number of drivers.
  7. Currawong Contributor
    Locked by request.

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