Best choice for portable Amp for LCD-2s??
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But I know that all you were all doing is trying to help that is so thank you for all the juicy topic discussion!

I'm gonna be calling AUDEZ'E again and be asking about these porto AMPs and see what one they recommend.

I just got mine.  Keep us posted.  I hope I can hold out for your answer before jumping to get the SR71B. LOL
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Been using my Pico amp/dac + Samsung Note 2 with my LCD-2s at work and couldn't be happier.  On high gain, volume control isn't even half way and it's plenty loud with good solid bass.  
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I too just bought my lcd2s. I have an e17 which I was using with my vmodas and momentums.
Don't think its going to cut it for these.
That said I haven't had a listen yet as I won't have them for a few days.

Well if you're a fan of the Fiio sound you could snag a E12 and be pretty set! That beast has more than enough power to push the LCD 2's with authority and you can find them used for $110 and under.


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Have LCD2s balanced fed by RWAK120 into either ALO International or Ray Samuels RS7b and I am very happy with what I hear.
Both amps drive the LCD2 with power and authority you would think is only possible with a proper desktop rig.
The International also has the advantage of an internal DAC.

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