Best/Cheapest Y-Splitter for Headphone/Speaker connections?
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Mar 3, 2004
I just need something simple to plug into my audio card so I can plug my speakers and headphones into them without having to crawl back everytime. I don't want to lose any sound quality and I really don't want to spend that much money at all. Can I buy something like this at Radioshack or something?

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you want something solid, dont get the type with wires, those arent good. Look for the solid type y splitters. I had the radioshack gold plated solid one but picked up the one from calrad instead because it felt and seem'ed higher quality, i think when i put my ohm meter to it, it was better as well.
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In your other post about the creative sound card settings, you stated that you can change from 2/2.1 to 4/4.1 or 5.1. This means that you should have at least three sound outputs on the rear of the card. There should be a green speaker out, an orange speaker out, and a black speaker out. There is probably also a blue line-in and a pinkish microphone-in.

In a 4.1/5.1 setup, the green would control the front R/L speakers, the black would control the rear R/L speakers, and the orange would be the center/sub channel. But you can instead just hook your computer speakers up to the green jack (as they probably already are), and hook the headphones into the black port. Then set the sound card to 4/4.1 or 5/5.1 (might as well just do 4.1) so that it sends the audio signal to both the green and black ports simultaneously. Thus, your headphones will always be connected, and so will your speakers. No Y-adapter needed, and you can listen to them both at the same time.

If this doesn't work, or if your card only has a mic-in, a line-in, and an single output, then I guess you'll need the Y-adapter. Otherwise, don't waste your money.
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You plugged them into the other ones while the card was set to 5.1, right? Because otherwise, there will be no audio signal coming out of those other outputs.
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my headphones have a plug to unplug from the phones so I can just keep the cable plugged in at all times and unplug from the phones when I want to listen through speakers.

And no, it was on 4-speaker set up. Why would I put on 5.1 when I only have 4.1 stereo setup? I have a Soundblaster Live! btw.
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He told you that so you can use the EXTRA input for your headphones. However, this is problematic in games. You would miss sound cues if you put it into the center, or rear. Music it would make no difference (unless dvd audio) SO you use the Y adaptor and plug into the front speaker input of the soundcard, sharing this with the speakers/hps.

If you can keep the cable in and detach from the ear cup then the cheaper will do for you. For me, I like the Headphone /speaker Radio shack adaptor. Just turn down speakers when using hps and keep it on 4 channel/5 channel in soundcard.
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Umm thats to share two headphones, but how does that share speakers and headphones in one slot?

I mean one speaker goes into one cable, the hp into the other and then the other 1/4?

then you must buy another adaptor. I dont see how this is better than a regular Y adaptor or a mic/headphone front input.

does is sound better?
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it won't work for you (unless you have SB Live! 5.1 and not just SB Live!), but it'll work for whoever else that's reading this thread that has a 5.1 card that's supported by the kX Drivers. With them, you can reroute the headphone output to the center/subwoofer channel. Useful if you have a 4.1 speaker setup. works great on my audigy1.

But in your case i'd go with the Grado splitter referred by Andrew_WOT. headphones in one female, rear speakers in the other, and male into the rear speaker/headphone port.

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