Best cans for Movies?
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May 16, 2009
Ok guys, I am loving my new AD700s through my Arcam amp for blurays/dvds and such. I actually think for some movies I prefer listening through 'phones to the proper surround system, which I didnt expect!

My question is, what are the best cans for movies? This is assuming they are being run through the headphone output from an AV amp rather than a dedicated 'phone amp.

Any obvious/not so obvious suggestions? Price not the main factor but bargains are always appreciated!
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Originally Posted by moonboy403 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Probably something that's bass heavy.

Ummm.... Beyerdynamic DT770?

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Something comfy for 2 hours usage

.... Beyerdynamic DT770....
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Another vote for the Sennheiser HD595. I wear mine for movie watching and it is so comfortable.

I wore them for eight hours once and my ears were absolutely fine, I make no joke when I say that sometimes you can't feel your wearing them.
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I love my ultrasones. But Pro 900, and 750 do want an amp so maybe some of the cheaper models?

I tried running them on my AV Receiver and it´s far from optimum. HD 650, K701 is pretty much the same deal. Just stick to your 595 unless you want to spend the big bucks.
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Ok, so how do the 595s compare to my AD700s? Are they of similar standard or a big improvement? And how does the sound sig compare between the two?I am particularly loving the expansive soundstage on the AD700s.

Thanks for the suggestions so far guys
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Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80ohm version. Fantastic for movies, and comfy as hell. Bass is deep and strong, soundstage is big for a closed headphone and thanks to being closed you are being isolated from outside noise so any subtle sound detail isnt easily drown out.

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Originally Posted by MaZa /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80ohm version. [...] and comfy as hell.


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Hmmm... I have yet to encounter uncomfortable Beyerdynamic. DT770, cups are deep enough, headband is well padded, earpads are velvet and soft, only thing it has that its clamping force is bit high (Pro versions have higher clamp than vanilla models) but it can be bended looser.
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If Ultrasone HFI2200 really have the HFI's sound signature like 780 model ... I'd say they could be interesting.780's are cool for movies , really , but will miss in comfort , with hard clamping force too and wont have the best soundstage for that purpose.Not awful but not the best.Now for 2200,after some time of wearing, it loosen and get very comfy.(base in PRO900)But still a bit more clamping then beyers. And its open design must help soundstage.Worth a consideration IMO. Personally i'll have a pair one day ! Unfortunatly i can't spend money for the pretty one currently on sell on FS forum !!

So if you're interested !!
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in a quiet environment (ie you dont need a closed headphone) it really is quite hard to beat the AD700 unless you watch a lot of action movies and love hearing really strong bass in explosions.

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