Best Cans for $200 or Less?
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Oh, I just looked up those Shure 840s, and they apparently got good reviews (as expected). They're down to $150.00 on, though. Is the $150 worth it for them, or should I go with the $150 for the KRK 8400s?

$150 is DEFINITELY WORTH IT for a pair of SRH-840s. Even at the MSRP of $200 people say it is comparable to headphones that cost 2-3x more money.  I've demo-ed at least 15 other 'phones including high-end ones like the K701, K702, Beyer DT990, Ultrasone PRO 900, and IMHO if I had a choice between the SRH840 and any of those (for free) I'd still choose the 840, so i can see why people say it's comparable to headphones 2x - 3x the price.
By the way, I bought an XXS portable amp the other day and it really improves soundstage on the SRH-840, but the soundstage is good already if you dont want to get an amp. To me the difference between amped and unamped soundstage on the 840 is that unamped you can hear the soundstage and all the details in it, but amped makes it feel as if the music is alive and active, like you're in the middle of a concert.
I think the 840 would be the best choice for you for these reasons:
  - it has truly amazing detail, detail that makes me proud to own these headphones.
  - speaking of detail, the 840 is an excellently balanced headphone, the most balanced ive heard so far. It has clear, controlled bass that doesn't muddy the mids and the treble is really crisp and clear. Personally, I think the best thing about the 840 is how smooth it is and how I can listen to it at high volume and it won't be painful to listen to like my other headphones (highs are just piercing on others, and the sound isnt defined well)
  - the bass is clearly there, but not overpowering (perfect for what you described)
  - it is known for being a great headphone without an amp
But at the same time, the soundstage isn't specially good and its not the most portable 'phones you can get (I still carry mine around though hehe)
That pretty much sums up the 840 for me, and personally I think it would be a great choice for you, especially at only $150.
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Grados are great, but they're open and aren't exactly known for having an excellent soundstage. I'd suggest either the SR80i or the SR225i (the SR125i sounds almost the same as the SR80i). I've found them to be very comfortable after bending the headband slightly to take pressure off my ears. The SR80i is easy to drive straight out of an MP3 player, and the SR225i is as well, though it has a 1/4" jack so you'll need an adapter. Both improve significantly with an amp should you decide to add one down the road.

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