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Mar 12, 2013
Good morning fellow people with ears. I'm looking for the best headphones around the $50 range.. At first I was looking at the MDRXB500, then MDRXB600, then the MDR v55 (which I though were it till I came here), then I found this site and found the JVC HA-S500. Though "omagard I must has!!" only to find, after a bit of drooling, that it was import only. People don't even have them bought wholesale and on sale in the US. Is it that hard? Anyway, I don't have the time to order them as I am not in the states and my US thingsIcantbuydownhere smuggler is not staying that long. (makes me want to move to Japan). Then I saw the HA-S400 and searched with fingers crossed in the hope that it was better than the 500. Meh. How good are the HA-S400 with gaming and movies? 
Could you provide your suggestions for this price range? I will be using them with a sound blaster recon3D External USB sound enhancer. Not because its only for gaming or anything like that, but I think in PC sound cards should be done away with. It's 2016, they should be portable by now. One sound card for Desktop, laptop, netbook, PS3 etc. Suggestions on the external sound are welcome.
I am sure there are other headphones that I am not aware off. Seems lots of pickings but I don't have the chance to listen to them. BTW you guys should go to war with Japan. They are holding out. 
Music, Movies and Gaming.
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The Koss DJ100 and TBSE are pretty well-regarded for that price, and should be easier to get than the S500's. As for Japan holding out, that's generally the case. I've heard that it originated in post-war Japan. They had a reputation for producing cheap but low quality products, much like China now or Korea recently. They didn't know this, however, and when they found out that the products they were so proud of were considered junk, they were shocked. From then until now, they've been obsessed with improving quality, and have a policy of testing things on the domestic market before they send their products out into the global economy.
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Ended up with the Superlux HD668B when at $47
not bad at all. A little tight when I got it but becomes more comfortable. Put some foam to raise the pads so my ears dont touch the hard inside so much

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