best bass heavy speaker setup for under 300?
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Dec 15, 2013
hello guys,
i've looked around this site plenty of times before but i am new here so i finally decided to ask for some input. i would like to know some of your opinions on what would be the best setup for under $300?
im a freshman in audio engineering, so i know most of the technical stuff when it comes to frequency response and crossover and what not, and audio quality is big for me. currently I'm only running 320 kbs mp3's (and yes, I'm trying to get away from mp3s) through amarra music player into my fiio E10dac, then into a behringer ha400 amp and out of my cyber acoustics 2.1 set or my audio technics agh-m50's, which sounds good for my college dorm, but i want to have a major upgrade for when i go home.
i listen to dubstep, trap, and metal core mostly, and all three of them can be pretty bass intensive, and while i am not looking for a system to shake my walls at home, i do want something with a decent thump. my main interest is running a pair of studio monitors and pairing them with a sub. i already own a receiver at home, and I'm not quite sure if it can control the crossover frequency for the sub or not, but i hope so.
before any of you tell me i need to save more money for a great system, i do not have the time or money to invest any more then 300. i know the quality will not be as good as if i were to invest in say a $400 sub and a nice pair of bookshelf's, i am well aware of that. i just want your opinion on what would be a good bass heavy setup for around $300? so far I've almost settled on M-audio bx5 d2's and a polk audio 10" sub, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thank you!

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