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Best bang-for-buck upgrade?

  1. Metalomaniac
    I'm wondering if I could get more enjoyment from an upgrade to my mid-range gear. I'm no audiophile, and can't tell the difference between VBR 192kbps MP3 and high def in blind A/B testing with my current gear.

    I listen to music with FLC 8s and Sony NWZ-F886 (Spotify). I mostly listen to heavy metal, hard and classic rock, blues and alternative.

    I'm considering the below:
    - Full sized cans
    - Amp (tube amps appear nice although never heard one, but not sure if they're just placebo and whether they'd suit my music tastes)
    - Different player (must have Spotify; though I ripped all my CDs years ago, now I'm entirely reliant on the ability to find new music via their suggestions)
    - Combination of above

    My budget is up to $1000.

    Any suggestions?
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  2. wink
    Find a meet in your near vicinity where you can try different gear that just might press your buttons in the right direction.

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