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Best amp to fix annoying sibilance on AH-d2000?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lumpiersorz, Dec 4, 2011.
  1. Lumpiersorz
    So, I just recently purchased a pair of denons ah-d2000 from ebay, but unless i equalize the treble REALLY low, it hurts my ears A LOT when they sing anything with ''s'' in it.
    I was thinking it might be my cheap amplifier, i'm using a Fiio E3 that i got for my old sennheiser.

    My budget is at 200 bucks, I got a xonar ds soundcard (with the lm4562na opamp if that makes any difference on the sibilance.) so i don't think a DAC is necessary upgrade at this time, and i will only be using it for my PC anyway.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated =)
  2. maulerr
    I recently bought some AH-D2000's second hand (~2 years old) and the sibilance is really getting to me. I have done a little bit of research and came across the Fiio E10 headphone amp, apparently this is quite a good amp for the price, but would it fix the sibilance issue?
  3. billybob_jcv
    I'll probably get shouted down for this, but in my opinion you shouldn't try to change a headphone's basic sound characteristics by buying an amp. The best way to get a different sounding headphone is to get a different headphone! :)
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  4. Mshenay Contributor
    Or in this case if you can afford an amp, maybe get your D2k Modded, I got my D2k with Stock Drivers and a Wood Houseing, that Wood Houseing gave the treble a nice smoothness, I added Lawton Mods on the Drivers only and some Lawton Angled Pads [along with a OCC Copper Cable from BTG] and my D2k is now a rather warm [but still pretty fast] sounding headphone, so if you like the bass and mids on the D2k, look into getting it modded. Start with Wood Back cups, that should help the treble OR go in and do the Lawton Driver mods on your D2k Cup and Driver 
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  5. Noobmachine
    In this case, you may just want to use the EQ in foobar to lower the lower treble region, easy and cheap fix to the problem :) If you absolutely are a purist against EQ (like me actually, but it's just my personal tastes) you could try a very warm amp, the Fiio E12 comes to mind, and perhaps some cheaper tube amp options? The E12 seems to do a good job at taking off that extra bit of sibilance for my cans (the TH600's when I still had them). I used to use the Pan Am with it with a set of warm tubes that cut the sibilance peak, but YMMV.

    Do try to demo the amp before buying though!
  6. maulerr
    Thank you all for the replies so far, I really appreciate it :)
    I'm not sure if I can demo the amps?
    I have being looking at the reviews of the Fiio E10, it seems like a solid little amp for under $100.
    Also I have found Ultrasone Signature Pro headphones second hand for $700. I am going to go have a look tomorrow, what do you guys think?
    Only just bought the Denon headphones two weeks ago but after upgrading I really feel like I could do better. I think the Denons have pretty good resell value because of their rarity.
  7. Mshenay Contributor
    Yea I'm a purist as well, mostly out of habbit, I don't use EQ when I'm on the go so I tend not to use it at home either
    but if your in a bind, and you JUST want GOOD sound, eq that mug! 
  8. PurpleAngel Contributor
    FiiO stopped making the E10 and the price on what is left on the market has gone well over $100.
    But hopefully FiiO will soon be coming out with the new E10K.
    You might try reading up and asking AH-2000 questions on this thread.
  9. Mshenay Contributor
    I'm a member there as well, as some others of us here may be as well, if you really want to kill the sibalnce use a Hifiman HM602 as an Amp/Dac/DAP for all your listenin pourposes, the Hifman DAPS are very warm, very anti-sibilant for that matter xD 
  10. maulerr
    I can get the Fiio E10 for under $100.
    Has anyone listened to Ultrasone Signature Pro headphones? Thinking about upgrading to those instead.

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