best amp for sennheiser hd700
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May 5, 2015
Hello! First, I want to apologize for my English :). I need your help with choice of amplifier for my HD700. Unfortunately I have no way to listen to any amplifier, so I have to buy it blind. My wishes: the price below $ 500-700, no sibilance, smooth sound, good bass, detailed, wide and deep soundstage, maybe warm sound :) just an amplifier that will improve the sound, musical and not analitic. I look to Bottlehead Crack OTL, Woo Audio WA3, WA6, Schiit Asgard (2), Valhalla (2), Lyr (2), Rega Ear II. Which of these or other amplifiers that you can recommend the most suitable for me? I listen to metal (Grave Digger), rock (Pink Floyd, Riverside), new age (Enigma), trance (Armin van Buuren). I hope that my wishes fit into the announced price :) Thank you!

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