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Best amp for Sennheiser HD650

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by veggiop, Feb 22, 2011.
  1. veggiop
    What is the best (suited) amp for the HD650?
    Or perhaps, what are the best amps, at different price brackets?
    I have a Neco 9v V1 AD8066 with bass boost and V2 8610 (I think I got the opamps right). Also I have a MF V Can (stock). While I find that overall the Neco V2 is more involving, I generally find the V Can more suited to the laid back nature of the Senn with it's "not subtle enough for TWhat Hi Fi's tastes" sound.

    Please comment guys!


  2. davehg
    I’ve tried plenty of different amps with my 650s but the best pairing was using a Woo WA22, in balanced mode with a balanced source. This pairing seems tailor made. It helped to upgrade the Senn cable too. Lately, I’ve been listening to the Focal Clear and it gives more dynamics than the Senn and works well with many amps, so my recommendation now is to start with the Clear instead of upgrading amps to match the Senn.
  3. m17xr2b
    Best? As in the absolute best ever? DNA Stellaris.
  4. Woodrow Stool
    I have the Woo Audio WA7 "Fireflies" and it think it sounds great with the HD650s. Other amps I've tried are the Oppo HA-1, the Grace m9xx, the Audioengine D1, and a while back the Musical Fidelity M1AMP. The Fireflies are the winner, and look fantastic as well. Around US$1K.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
  5. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Darkvoice DV336se

    Schiit Valhalla

    Meier Jazz FF

    WooAudio WA6

    The latter two also work on low impedance, low sensitivity headphones better than the first two. But if you're sure you're not going to use that sort of headphone might as well just get the DV336se.
  6. PointyFox
    Bottlehead Mainline? I'm selling one for $900 :p
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  7. wwmhf
    Darkvoice DV336se has a good potential to pair well with 650
  8. wwmhf
    Darkvoice 339 is another but more expensive option
  9. Deftone
    Why reply 7 years later?

    I would not recommend paring them with Valhalla 2, bass is loose and treble is gritty and harsh.
  10. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    A chain reaction of not checking dates apparently.
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  11. davehg
    I can’t recommend the WA6 for the Senn. In my experience with the Woo line, the Senns benefit from more power and larger transformer tube amps. I’ve owned the 6, 6SE, and currently own the WA22 and WA5. The 5 is marvelous with any headphone, but there is a special synergy with the HD650 when using the WA22 in full balanced mode with balanced source and HP cables. It’s magic and probably why I’ve kept the WA22 even though it gets little use.

    Yes the thread is old but the longevity of the 650 and the presence of the HD6xx in large numbers from Massdrop means the question remains relevant.

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