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Best Amp + Dac for HD800 S

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by smodtactical, Sep 5, 2016.
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  1. tonyxiaoz
    That's correct. Violectric sells dac chips that you can install into the amp. However, to me it sounds inferior to my old schiit modi 2U. So I would say it's more for convenience than better sound.
  2. kazsud
    @iDesign How does the bass on the 820 compare to the HDVA 600?
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  3. blackrain139
    I'm running the HD800s with a Dave -> ZDS and I really enjoy the pairing.

    The Apex Teton comes highly recommended from a friend of mine as well.
  4. Oscar-HiFi
    Feliks Audio Espressivo is a great amp for the HD800s....

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  5. Whazzzup
    I like my system as well with hd800S
  6. jamca
    i totally agree. I have the same setup. Sound is crystal clear with deep and controlled bass( although a little lightweight ) . Treble is astonishingly sharp without being fatigue. I also have idsd micro and i could say hd dac1 overall sounds better than idsd perhaps because of its better amp.
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  7. svraka1998
    Nice! Fun to hear:) the only thing I miss on it would be a balanced headphone output, but it sounds very good anyway, like you said! :smile_phones:
  8. jamca
    i miss a balanced headphone output too!! However marantz hd dac1 is the most complete music gadget i have bought so far ( including sennheiser hd650 ) . It sounds great, it has great amp,many inputs, great design and is well built. I also have ifi idsd micro and although it is nice as transportable ( especialy with iems) it cannot match the quality of marantz. As the post is about sennheiser i could say that hd800(s) is a nice update of hd650 but that doesnt mean that the latter will stay away...they have nice non fatigue sound and is a great partner for lower bitrate songs, such mp3 ect. Hd650 dont have the detail or the soundstage of hd800 but it dives you in the music with a magical way that i still prefer sometimes over hd800S...
  9. smodtactical
    Thanks for all the awesome suggestions. The Marantz and Feliks amps are interesting but I too am looking for something balanced ideally. Want to use my balanced cable.

    Just curious anyone using a Yggdrasil for their dac in their HD 800S chain?
  10. Snowpuppy77
    Yes I am using a new Analog 2 Yggdrasil and a Ragnarok connected by a DH-Labs Air Matrix balanced cable. Sounds sublime to me. Even some orchestral and chamber music that I though were lesser recordings sound much better now. You can still tell they are less recordings but the soundstage and instrument separation and the better tone makes the performance more accessible. Sounds more analog but not in a colored way but in a natural tone non fatiguing way. All this with great resolution and detail.
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  11. m17xr2b
    Even the V1 yggy is sublime on the hd800 with the Apex Teton.
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  12. Whitigir
    TeTon is expensive but only SE and not balanced out :frowning2: sad
  13. smodtactical
    You think yggy + rag combo is worth it for the HD 800S with the source being flacs from foobar2000 off a pc ?
  14. Snowpuppy77
    Yes if those flacs are CD resolution or better. I use JRiver with ThinkPad laptop and with the Gen 5 USB in the Yggdrasil the sound quality is excellent. Very close to my Cambridge CXC dedicated transport. My CXC seems to have a little more sub bass extension but mid bass very close. And keep in mind that I am only using an Amazon Basics USB cable. I plan to get a better cable later. Now I have not compared Hi Rez files directly to my CXC yet. Hover I have listened to some Channel Classics Hi Rez files from their website and they sounded sublime. I have stayed away from USB for music in the past but no longer with Gen 5 and Yggdrasil.

    The Yggdrasil/Ragnarok combo plays to the strengths of the HD800S IMO without any bad side effects. They do not tame the highs or cover up flaws. To me the HD800S are neutral and balanced in sound and do not need this. But they show the resolution the HD800S are capable of and the sound is not fatiguing.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
  15. Nik74
    Hello everyone. Some of the suggestions here sound like dream end set ups.
    I am currently using the 800S with Chord Hugo and would like to add a tube amp for a warmer and more holographic sound. I have 2 options that I d be grateful if anyone could advice on. Would you go for a second hand Feliks Audio Elise at around $600 or La figaro 339 new? I have heard neither but reading a lot on them on these forums and although I m guessing I d probably appreciate both, the fact that I can't audition any of them makes deciding difficult. My budget stops at $1000 as an absolute max right now ...
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