Best alternative to IOS/Apple devices? Replacing iPod
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Headphoneus Supremus
Mar 11, 2016
I have been an Apple guy for several decades, and as of the latest IOS release have become frustrated to the point of looking for good alternatives for a portable player.  I have no issue with their hardware, it's actually quite good (except for storage), it's more of a management and navigation issue.  Force-feeding, erratic sync, etc.  I use an iPod Touch 64gig, but miss old Classic in almost every way except for speed and EQ.
Searching around, I don't find all that much that covers all the goals.  I thought there might be some sort of "selection" site, like there is for digital cameras, but it doesn't look like it.
The goal would be:
Under $200 for the raw player
Expandable storage to at least 128g
Physically larger display (older eyes here), but not tablet sized.  I have a Sansa Clip+ -- great player, too small
Ease of navigation around the library - a folder tree is fine, something of a GUI would be nice
Ability to do headphone EQ, either from add-on app, or built in (I use Audyssey AMP now, the EQ is great, operation is bad).  Rockbox is fine, I don't see it compatible with many current devices.
Playlists - nice, but not a deal breaker
AAC playback native would be nice, but I could transcode, just rather not.  
A dedicated player would probably be best, I have enough "smart" devices to cover all the other stuff already.
Thanks for the opinions!

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