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Best all-rounder over-ear Headphones within budget <£250($330)

  1. Lightstylez
    I am looking for a headphone that is a great all-rounder, if I had to make a descending list of activities (based on time spent) - Movies/Series > Games > Youtube/Twitch > Music. I have only ever really owned headsets, my last two were Sennheiser PC 350 & 360. My mic stopped working on the PC350 after 3 yrs and my current PC360 volume wheel is almost entirely broken (98% of positions can only hear out of 1 ear). After realizing there are very few mediocre headsets to choose from I started looking at headphones since there are a few attachable mics you can buy (such as modmic).

    I have read a lot of reviews on homestudiobasics.com & Youtube (especially Metal571's channel). I already have a used dac/amp from a friend that supports up-to 600ohms. The headphones I am gravitating towards most are Sennheiser 600/650, V Moda Crossfade M100, Philips Fidelio X2, Hifiman HE400I. There's also the Oppo PM3 & Beyerdynamic DT1990 but they are currently far out of my price range. My plan is to wait for Black Friday, the 600/650 are out of my price range but I listed them anyway in the hope they would drop in price during Black Friday since they are one of the most recommended.

    Must be over-ear & comfortable to wear for long periods I really love the comfortably of the PC360 I have now, I could wear them all day and not have any discomfort. I am looking for accurate, clarity, well balanced, detailed bass, non-fatiguing. Although I have heard a lot of praise for the HD600 I have also heard ppl prefer other headphones within the same (or lower) price range, I just wanted to get some more opinions as someone who has never had a good pair of Hi-Fi headphones, thanks.
  2. YJX94
    Best all-rounder for under £250 in the UK is the AKG K712 Pro hands down. It's $499 on AKG's official site and around $300 on Amazon US but in the UK you can get it as low as £169 brand new and 100% legit like I did.

    I am telling you right now for that much money especially in the UK there is NOTHING beating this thing, period.

    You'd be getting a headphone worth over £400 for less than £170.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  3. cossix
    AKG k712 pro for sure. The 600 has a very intimate soundstage which isn't very good for movies and gaming. The K712 pro is very good at all of the things you listed
  4. Lightstylez
    Interesting, I wasn't expecting such a quick concise answer. I'll be honest after I found the homestudiobasics site most of my info came from there. Anytime I saw direct negatives such as the words grainy, recessed and muddled (Like for the K712) I kind of directed away from those products. The choices I listed had the least or almost no negatives on the site, at which point I would cross-check some reviews on youtube to see their thoughts. Maybe the K712 is the way to go then, I can't demerit 2 veteran posters on this site. I'm going to look up some info/prices now. I wish I listened to more music, and i probably will with a better pair of headphones but a lot of the time I would just rather watch entertaining videos instead. I feel like music seems the much more common reference when judging hi-fi headphones and the more common reason ppl want to buy hi-fi headphones in the first place, so I was a bit worried posting what I did.
  5. cossix
    Nah you're OK! I game a lot and use the 598 exclusively for gaming/movies and my LCD2 and 650 exclusively for pc music/vinyl respectively. I've heard so many good things about the K712 pro for gaming and music, and I can't bring myself to recommend the 650 or 600 for somebody who lists movies and gaming as top priorities, as those Senn's just aren't good in those areas. The soundstage is too intimate for that, resulting in lack of immersion and an unnatural sound for movies because there isn't much depth
  6. YJX94
    The K712 isn't grainy, recessed or muddled at all, only when compared to $1000+ cans can you pick out faults in the K712. On it's own however and definitely with the current UK pricing they punch WAAAAAY above their weight. $499 is the right pricing for them but you're incredibly lucky to get them for less than £200 here in the UK.

    As an owner I can break it down and give you a small review talking about Bass, Mids, Treble, Soundstage, Imaging, Amping needs and etc.

    Bass: Not a basshead can but the bass response imo is perfect. It has very well controlled bass with depth, detail and texture, it's a high quality bass. Unlike older K7-- series cans which were bass anemic, the K712 is not. It has a very satisfying amount of bass and even has sub-bass impact. You will not have anything to complain about the bass on this.

    Mids: It retains that weird jump up to 2k that plummets down to 4k like all the other K7-- series cans and it results in mids sounding slightly distant. It's not like HD 600 mids but it's an incredibly stupid reason not to choose it because of that, the mids are still excellent.

    Treble: This is one of the focal points along with the soundstage/imaging. The treble is detailed, crystal clear and has lots of clarity. It's bright but not fatiguing like the DT 990 and it's goosebump inducing.

    Soundstage/Imaging: Soundstage is massive without sounding artificial, you'll be immersed in anything you watch, listen to or play. Imaging is excellent with great instrument separation and positioning. It's a rather analytical headphone which is why it's fantastic for positional audio especially in games.

    Amping: They need one to perform at their best. Don't expect to run them off your phone or onboard audio, you'll be left disappointed.

    To quote your needs "I am looking for accurate, clarity, well balanced, detailed bass, non-fatiguing.":-

    Accurate: They most certainly are.
    Clarity: They have lots of it.
    Well balanced: Not a neutral benchmark like the HD 600 but it's neutral-ish with a flavourful colouring to the sound so they're not boring and they're fun/energetic when they need to be.
    Detailed Bass: Already said that.
    Non-fatiguing: Already said that too.

    Oh and they're comfortable as hell, most comfortable headphone I've worn and can be worn for hours on end. Self adjusting soft leather headband that you won't feel on your head after a while and YUUUGEEE velour memory foam earpads.

    All the other cans you listed like the HD 600/650, X2, PM3, HE-400i are not upgrades or downgrades to the K712, they are all side-grades. The K712 I am recommending based on your needs that you've stated and it's a perfect fit especially for its price.

    K712 is an excellent all-rounder and always a top recommendation that comes from a lineage of great headphones before it. At less than £200 it's a bloody amazing deal considering the MSRP is $499.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    What is the make and model of the DAC/amp you got from your friend?
  8. Lightstylez
    Thanks for the help, after reading this I certainly feel a lot better about making the purchase, it does seem to suit everything I asked for. I could get them for £200 now but the black friday amazon sales start from nov 17th to 26th so I may as well wait a bit just in-case (I have a price history app and they were at £144 during last years black friday). I almost never find anything cheaper than amazon so I don't even bother looking sometimes, but just in-case are there any specific sites that are well-priced for the U.K?

    EDIT: I did find https://www.e-infin.com/uk/item/243...OZjpngirv0UuUrA-hK7kCbyqxDO-U-lcaAkHJEALw_wcB
    the website seems to have good reviews
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  9. Lightstylez
    It's actually a sound-card technically, Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 but has inbuilt amp/dac up-to 600ohm.
  10. YJX94
    I got it from a place called E-Infinity Online Camera Store, 100% legit. I got them for £169 but I think they're on it now for £162.


    Bloody hell £144?!?!?!, that is madness. Not long ago the HD 598 used to be around £140 and you're telling me K712s got that low on Black Friday...and the K712 blows away the 598 too. The X2 is more expensive than the K712 and the K712 blows that away too.

    Do you see what I mean about them being an amazing deal in the UK, us Brits are lucky, we usually get shafted but not on this occasion.
  11. Lightstylez
    Ah, I edited my post the same time as you posted. Yeah that's the best deal I could find under google's shopping search too. Here is the price tracker app I'm using if u were wondering - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/...jo?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog got it a week ago. Works in-page, you can set price alerts which I have done for a few things I'm interested in, so when black friday starts so I'll get notified on my phone & don't have to keep checking the same pages.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  12. YJX94
    Thank you for the app suggestion, it might come in handy.

    Now I noticed you said you're going to be running off a Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5, whilst it might bring the K712 to desirable volume levels, it might not bring out the best in them and make them sound how they're supposed to. Now don't worry about it though, you're in a good situation since the K712 Pro is available for so cheap, my advice would be to use them with your onboard audio/soundcard for now and then in the future upgrade to a dedicated DAC/Amp, it will bring about a world of difference.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  13. Lightstylez
    Alright, I might make another post for dac/amp suggestions later down the line. You have any quick suggestions that I can look at? Honestly I don't have have much of an idea when it comes to dac/amps. Not sure how pricey they are and how much they affect sound, or what differences there are between models.
  14. YJX94
    For a starter DAC/Amp that can power K712s the Schiit Fulla 2 is an excellent choice. It's a DAC/Amp combo that is available for £110 from Schiit UK. There is the FiiO E10K for less but I'd go with the Fulla 2 since it's more powerful and even has pre-outs for powered speakers should you ever get them.

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