Best all around headphones for under 200?
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Young Spade

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Jul 2, 2008
I have been around for a while but have only really educated myself in the IEM/Source department. What I'm asking is what is a good all around full sized, closed (or open) headphone that will play a variety of music? Mostly Rock, Metal, Rap, Hip Hop, and... acoustic.

Those are the genres I am going to be listenign to.

Right now I am going to be using a 1G Touch (maybe a 4G Nano) though a Lod into an iBasso T4 amp.

The current IEMS that I own right now are the 5s (v2) and the PFE 112s (which I love when plugged into amp).

So I am looking for a headphone that I can use while inside only; I have the IEMs for the road.

Thanks a bunch guys.

Oh and I almost forgot; I kind of want somethign with some punchy bass... with good mids also. The genres aren't that demanding in the treble area so that won't be a problem. Also, if yo uhave a can in mind that has great treble/mids but might lack in the bass just a TAD, I have bass boost and everything to help out there.

Oh and BTW, I was currently looking at the
Ultrasone HFI - 780 and
Beyer DT 770 Closed 80ohm versions. They are both around 200 and I can not go over that :/
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AD700 (huge soundstage-weak bass impact/slightly recessed mids)
MS1 (best overall for rock/metal-most energetic and fun-somewhat narrow soundstage)
DT440 (folds, great sound balance-can be uncomfortable)
HD238 (warm and smooth sounding/compact and portable)

DT250 80 ohm (great all rounder and nicely balanced sound)
A900 (somewhat recessed mids)

DT770 needs an amp and I'm not sure the iBasso T4 will be good enough.
Overall Id probably recommend the MS-1 or DT250
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The new Shure SRH840 and the M-Audio Q40 could be good too as far as closed headphones go.

The ATH-AD700 can actually produce some pretty good punchy bass if you EQ them. If EQing is not an option than I wouldn't bother with them if you want bass.

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