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Best Affordable In-Ear Headphones for Gym (Shortlisted a few but open to suggestions)

  1. dv8tor
    Hey guys,

    I am in the market for purchasing a new pair of IEMs specifically for use in the gym during workout. I don't do any cardio (running, treadmill, stair master, etc.) and I do pure weight lifting and strength training 3-4 days a week. I will be driving them with a Sansa Clip+ (or sometimes a Cowon D2+) coupled with a FiiO E5 at times. Interesting to note is that I will also be using these IEMs as I practice the drums. From what I've experienced, I also need very durable IEMs for such activity.
    Here are my list of priorities:

    1. Since the IEMs will just be used for the gym, I prioritize first and foremost the durability. I want something that will not give in to easy wear and tear. (I'm thinking reinforced cables and solid drivers and possible sweat proof if my budget permits).

    2. Second, would be noise isolation as I would like to workout in peace (listening to upbeat music and heavy metal). I want as much noise isolation as possible.

    3. Third, I listen to all sorts of music (except r&b, trance, party-music), but for these specific IEMs, I would just be piping out pure metal (all sorts from death and metalcore to prog and thrash) and any other upbeat music for working out. I don't mind if it's for bassheads, but I don't want anything sounding tinny and lacking in detail.
    4. Next would be the fit. I don't want any over-the-ear fit IEMs because I've tried the SoundMagic PL30s and I simply do not like the fit (with or without the cable guides). I prefer standard/normal fit IEMs that don't run over your ears.
    5. Lastly and most importantly is my budget. I'm raising the ceiling of my budget at $50, so anything $50 or below is fine.

    With these priorities, I have finalized my shortlist to the two following IEMS (in order). Please let me know your insights on each and which would be the best option. I am also open to other options within the price range specified above so feel free to suggest more.
    a-Jays One:
    These caught my attention due to the flat, unobtrusive cable and the solid-build. The manufacturers also promise heavy bass and good isolation. I've read a couple of reviews for these and most are positive. They are a bit more expensive than the Sennheisers, but nothing too expensive for my budget.
    Sennheiser CX 271
    I'm actually considering these because they are cheap and actually come with a very durable, reinforced cable. These are also marketed with heaving heavy bass which is just what I need for the type of music I'll be tuning into when I workout. My only concern is that I've been trying to search the net for reviews for this model and haven't found much. It seems like it is not one of Sennheiser's top-selling models.
    Thanks again for any comments!
  2. Bakkasan
    I like Senn cx400. They are about 35 from amazon direct from Sennheiser. They have a super short cable but come with an extension. I use supertips foam for a good seal.
    i think meelec m6 should be considered for good sound, great build and quality, yet affordable.
  4. asak
    Ultimate Ears 100. They sound pretty decent for the price. Bass is good too. Pick your style...
  5. seanmo
    meelec m6..done...they're comfy, cheap, isolate well and sound great for the price

  6. Enanthate
    Another vote for m6...I trained with these for about 6 months before I switched to my PFE for gym use.  A durable cable and over the ear fit is essential for aggressive workouts.  Though I do recommend getting the black version, my clear cable oxidized and turned green on me due to sweat.[​IMG]
  7. munkyballz
    I use the M6 sometimes, so another vote for those, although they are over the ear.  Sennheisers had a line designed for sports, I forget what models, but I use a pair for running and they are decent sounding, not great sound either, but they are sweat/water resistant and don't fall out while running/heavy activity, so they serve their purposes.  MX-somethings.

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