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Best addition under $150 (Phones? DAC? Amp?)

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by rsbaran, Nov 2, 2012.
  1. rsbaran
    I listen to Spotify ALL day at work.  Current setup - Grado SR60i, Fiio E11 Amp.  Have about 150 to spend and want to improve my listening experience as best as I can - new headphones (Love Grado), DAC (Tried NuForce and was sorely disappointed), Upgrade to E17?  Would love to hear your thoughts.
  2. cel4145
    Since the E11 headphone amp is comparable to the E17, why not get just a DAC? The ODAC is an excellent DAC that fits in your budget. What kind of DAC setup do you have now? Motherboard audio? 
    Also, you might find it fun to get some Grado L-cush pads ($20). It will change the sound of the SR60i and make them much more like the SR225i. 
  3. Kawai_man
    Dont get a dac pleas, Im Ive been down that road Ive owed dacs from 100 to 600, I was nver satisfied with any of them. If you have a slot to put in a soundcard go that route, Do
    a search onsound cards youll find many good recommendations.If not I  would get better headphones , I reccommend the ultrasone pro 2500. 
  4. alexsj
    The Grado SR60s were my first pair of good headphones.  
    Once you have a pretty good system that you are happy with (and I take it from your post that you are happy with your current set up), then the question becomes what is your weakest link.  I suspect it is the headphones.  In changing out parts of your system, changing out headphones or speakers tends to have the greatest sonic pay-off.  Try to listen to some other headphones but I'd put my money there before changing out the fiio e11.  

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