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Best $30-$40 portable headphone amp?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by hifi nub, Aug 8, 2018.
  1. hifi nub
    Best $30-$40 portableheadphone amp?
    It will be hooked upto my moto x pure edition. Smartphone > headphone amp> Mee M6.
  2. kukkurovaca
    You probably don't need an amp at all for the Mee M6.

    Walnut F1 is a nice amp in that price range, but it has some significant caveats. (Short battery life, no low gain, not good for sensitive IEMs.)
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  3. hifi nub
    Im thinking of going xtra mile getting fiio a3, might as well.

    My phone doesn't push the m6 is that well it does but I feel that it could be pushed a little bit more.
  4. kukkurovaca
    Consensus is usually that in this kind of situation, you'll get more for your money by spending it on IEMs than amps. Most inexpensive IEMs (and many expensive ones as well) are designed to be driven by phones and don't require an amp for good results.

    However, I don't have firsthand experience with the M6, so I can't say if that logic necessarily applies here.
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  5. SuperNovaGoesPop
    A3 is a very nice little device; I tried one for a while and it definitely has a good feel to it. As an alternative, check out the Topping NX series of amps.
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  6. hifi nub
    Ima Im for nx1 for $40. 40hrs of playtime. Damn. Thanks for mentioning that.
  7. SuperNovaGoesPop
    No prob. Just remember that the A3 is almost twice as powerful, however you won't need that at all for those IEMs if that's your goal. Be sure to get the latest version, which is the NX1s(not NX1a/NX1), it adds a bass boost that the older versions don't have. Should be able to find one at $35-40 new easily on ebay or amazon.
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  8. hifi nub
    Ok will do. Thanks.

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