Beresford Bushmaster TC-7533 MK-II DAC
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Aug 8, 2004
This is a Beresford Bushmaster TC-7533 MK-II 192/24-capable DAC with integrated headphone amplifier from the UK. It has 2 coaxial and 2 optical inputs. I'm the original owner and it's in excellent cosmetic/working condition. 

This sale includes everything shown in the attached photos, including the Beresford 12VDC switchmode PSU, plus the owner's manual and original packaging - everything that was included when new, plus I am including the so-called "battery power" upgrade IC, that improves resolution further still, but is recommended only when the Bushmaster is connected to a 12VDC battery pack - unless you have really clean AC power. I currently have the "battery power" IC installed but its simple to change if you want:

IC Fitting instructions:

1. Undo the four screws at the side of the case. There are two on each side.
2. Remove the top cover of the DAC.
3. Look for the chip in the socket on the PCB right behind the LEDs.
4. Use a thin flat bladed screw driver to carefully lift the chip up half way on one end then half way the other end. Then repeat the procedure.
5. Make sure that you fit the chip the right way round. The writing on the two chips should be the same way round when you do the swap over.
6. Remove old chip and replace with new one.

I'm asking $150 $140 Shipped in the Continental USA paid by PayPal no fee.
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