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Benjie Offical Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by yacobx, Apr 15, 2016.
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  1. bigorbi
    Same bug happens with my Benjie S5 when I am playing songs through SD card. I ordered a new SD card , it is on the way now. I will test with it when it arrives and update with results.
  2. govie
    Just recieved my benjie s5 and paired it with the ks zs6, everything seems pretty cool (i do not set the volume past setting 6) but i have 2 questions:

    1. They did not advertise it had bluetooth, but the menu says it does.... I can not test it but can someone confirm that bluetooth actually works on the benjie s5?
    2. When my song is playing and i want a different profile setting (like rock for example), the player stops playing, reboots or something. How do you guys set a different soundprofile, or what am I doing wrong, or what do I not understand correctly about setting different soundprofiles?

    Last edited: Jan 18, 2018
  3. bsoplinger
    The S5 that Benjie originally released did not have Bluetooth. However beginning around the time I was looking for 11.11 deals I noticed that a number of sellers on Aliexpress.com offered an 'upgraded' S5 that had Bluetooth. So I'd guess that Benjie did a product refresh that added the feature.

    I don't have the S5 but decided to go with the K9 which is basically the same thing as the chips used are the same and I've never had mine reset when selecting between the options. And I'd think if it was a general issue you'd see mention in this thread. Perhaps when they upgraded the design to include Bluetooth they changed the software too and this bug got introduced?
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  4. Aevum
    Weird. im looking at the AGPtek A10T which is the color screen version of the Benjie S5 (not sure the about the name) but the curios thing is that it says that ogg and AAC are disabled duing bluetooth playback.
  5. groucho69
    Where are you looking at A10T?
  6. Aussieprepper
    Anything new from Benjie?
  7. bsoplinger
    Think he meant AGPtEK A01T
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  8. dennisopk
    I'm new here and I got the Benjie K9 recently and left it burn in for 50hrs, I couldn't accept the sound from the bundled Benjie ear bud or other budget 32/64ohm earbuds, either too much treble making it sharp and thin. I found out it can drive 150ohm and max. in my earbud collection is 300ohms
    It drive the budget K' 300ohm well, volume set at 13 or 14. Its sound good to my ears.Now I have another budget DAP to toy around, one with a screen. Thanks to you guys for keeping this threat alive.
  9. bsoplinger
    The ear buds included are pretty basic and don't sound particularly good at all, I agree. I see them more as a gesture of appreciation from Benjie for purchasing their product than actually usable.
  10. nhlean96
    Got the K9, should I get the S5 or save more for the K3 (damn sexy look)
  11. bsoplinger
    I'm pretty certain you'd be getting the same electronics regardless of which of those models you get. So I'd question why get the same thing again? Unless you have a need for a second player. You could consider getting better components and features by moving up to the T6 (about twice the price as these players) assuming you want to get another Benjie product. There's a full thread for the Benjie T6 and AGPtEK Rocker (same thing) because it does have better quality than the inexpensive players in this thread.

    Should add that I own both the Benjie K9 and the Ruizu X02 and they're both nice inexpensive players but I also have a T6 and I find it a better player.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
  12. nhlean96
    Thanks for your recommendation. The Benjie T6 is a little bit expensive in my country (approx $60) in exchange I could try it before spending money :D The S5's price is just 1/3 of the T6 and the size is another advantage. I don't know why there's no T6 on Taobao, the Benjie's store only have some fancy looking model (they look like iPhone, tbh), without any audio upgrade.
    Will try my bro's S5 and compare it to my K9. Many comments said that the S5 was up a level to K9.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
  13. tabbycat
    I just bought a Benjie S5. Whenever it gets here <rme>, I'd like to put the agptek m20 firmware on it, so I can set bookmarks in my audiobooks. I've found these instructions https://w3bsit3-dns.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=813558&st=40 ,but I'm still not sure what I'm doing. Can anyone walk me through the steps? I'm old. I'm technologically challenged.
  14. bsoplinger
    Try the instructions from this thread, they may be a bit more clear for you

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  15. tabbycat
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