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Benjie Offical Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by yacobx, Apr 15, 2016.
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  1. weedophile
    God, fml. I was using the S5 today as my slping buddy and i finally found the folder view function and it makes looking for songs so much easier. That is like after owning it for a year...... Daaammmmmnnn xD
  2. bsoplinger
    Just in case you didn't know… You can use the drivesort program on the internal memory of any of these inexpensive players so you can see the files in the order you'd expect when using folder view. Its not just for the SD card.
  3. weedophile
    Guess i didnt explore it enough. Previously i was like random to this artist i like, disable shuffle and listen to his or her album xD
  4. bsoplinger
    Glad the hint was useful. I'd gotten used to using drivesort on any SD card I was putting music on just out of habit for when I'd use one of these budget players. I was using a Ruizu X02 to just burn in new headphones, a day of pink noise followed by 3 days of random shuffle mode when I thought why keep my music card in this player when I'm not really using it? Why not just use the 8 GB (or 16 GB) for the purpose instead? So I tried that and immediately ran into the file order by creation date issue. Figured that since the X02 cost less than a good 64GB SD card that even if I ruined it by using drivesort I wouldn't loose much. But it worked just fine.
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  5. towe0609
    I don't have a regular S5, but I would have thought you use the 'Audio Product Tool' application that is contained within the AGPTEK M20 driver .zip file, but flash the original S5 firmware as per the link provided earlier in this thread

    Last edited: Jan 9, 2018
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  6. SiggyFraud
    Thanks! I did just that. Unfortunately the two firmware files mess up the screen in my S5 - a row of random pixels appears to the right. Back to M20 I guess.
  7. Currofeten
    Hello, Thank you very much for letting me participate and learn, I want to ask you a question, The Benjie S5 does not support the TRRS connection that many headphones carry, you have to use an adapter For TRS, ...... is it strange?
    Thank you very much again
  8. ivo001
    The Benji S5 can be bought for $19 with Gearbest discount code now. Is it the best budget option available now? It's the version without bluetooth.
  9. bigorbi
    Could you please share the discount code ?
  10. ivo001
  11. bigorbi
    Thanks a lot!
  12. ivo001
    Just looked around on Aliexpress and ended up ordering the bluetooth version for $24 because AE shipping has been much faster than GB for me, and I like the BT functionality.
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  13. bsoplinger
    If you're in the USA, you can get the K9 (which also doesn't have Bluetooth) for $21. They both have the same chips for processing so will sound the same. The Ruizu X02 in 4GB configuration is $18 and 8GB is $20. All with prime 2 day shipping. Just other options. Personally I think the Benjie products sound better but the Ruizu offers FM radio and an alarm clock feature which I do like.
  14. ivo001
    As you can see in the top right corner i'm from The Netherlands :)

    Paid $24 for the B5S, so guess thats not bad at all.
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  15. bsoplinger
    Wow, call me clueless. I never noticed that there until you pointed it out. :astonished:
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