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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by yacobx, Apr 15, 2016.
  1. OrenjiBageru
    So do you guys want the stock firmware of Benjie S5? Benjie sent me one with the benjie logo and the welcome text on booting.
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  2. nadezhda 6004
    Yes, I do. Could you upload it somewhere and share the link, please?
  3. towe0609
    Great. Please see private message I have sent you.
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  4. nadezhda 6004
    There are no new private messages at the moment.
  5. OrenjiBageru
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  6. larry piencenaves
    just a question guys, does the benjie s5 can power full sized headphones w/ 100ohms-above?
  7. Vytautas
    Can anybody suggest a budget DAP which is better than S5 / K8 / X1 for complex, classical music? Benjie T6, Ruizu A50, Nintaus X10? Which is better?

    Or Xduoo X3 (55 eur) is the best way to go now?

    It is not HiFi but I need FM radio function too.

  8. Happy Hacking
    I've gotten the K8 and they're a noticable upgrade from my OnePlus 3T.

    I'm also considering between the three that you have listed Benjie T6, Ruizu A50, Nintaus X10.
    I do not personally have any listening experience with any of the three above devices, but it seems that most people prefer the T6 over the A50 for SQ. Get the Nintaus X10 if you need a wicked battery life.
  9. Vytautas
    X3 is way better, has better hardware and support for Rockbox.

    A second option, on a very tight budget or / and if you like simplicity - Zishan Z1 and roll opamp into LME49860.

  10. bigorbi
    Hi friends,

    I have Benjie S5 and I was wondering if anyone has such problem;
    when I play a song in flac format from SD card, every 2 minutes or so some kind of glitch happens in player and song disrupts for couple of seconds. This problem happens constantly only when I play songs from SD card and only with flac format. When I play songs from internal storage or any songs in mp3 format there is no problem. If anyone faced this problem could you please support me what can I do? Maybe a sw upgrade is needed? Or should I change my SD card?
  11. ilmothedude
    I haven't used my S5 too much so I can't comment about that, but I did have similiar problem with my Colorfly C3. It also happened only with flac format (and maybe with wav) but not mp3. Basically problem disappeared when I changed my micro sd. I believe it was Transcend micro sd that had that problem but Kingston didn't have the problem. So maybe that's the case with S5 aswell.
  12. bigorbi
    Hmm seems like SD card problem in that case because I have a transcend SD card as well. Thanks for the answer, I'll buy another SD card and check with it tomorrow
  13. govie
    I bought a Benjie 5s @ €17,-- and allready own standard Philips SHS3300 inears@32ohms. I am really positive about the shape of the Philips earhooks, they fit like gloves without me feeling their presence. The pairing of the Benjie 5s with the Philips SHS3300 could be supoptimal tho, therefore i am looking for suggestions which earhooks (inears) could pair better with the Benjie 5s. I found a wirecutter roundup of inears from november 2017 but it does not say what specifications the Benji 5s likes most!:dt880smile: Could you guys and girls suggest me some not too expensive inear-earhooks that could pair alot better with the Benjie 5s then my old and trusty Philips SHS3300. Or maybe by some coincidence the Philips SHS3300 pair perfectly with a Benjie 5s... although I doubt that.

    Thanks again!

    To add: That wirecutter article states that panasonic RP-HS34@23ohms are a great pickup for €16,--. But then I wonder what resistance is most optimal for the Benji 5s, because I really do not have a clue (but i read that someone in this topic stated that 32ohms was a Benjie 5s threshold where quality began to dip).
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  14. iLFuma
    Change SD card :thumbsup:
  15. SiggyFraud
    Could someone please upload or share a link for the Benjie S5 update program? Or better yet, the program, instruction, and the latest firmware? I went back several pages, but none of the old links seem to be working... I flashed the M20 firmware some time ago and just wanted to get back to the original for a change.

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