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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by yacobx, Apr 15, 2016.
  1. SomeEntityThing
    Thank you for testing it :D I wouldn't have to use the touch screen to get out of the screensaver first before holding the power button anymore... so much more convenient!
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  2. Happy Hacking
    Actually, you can also turn it off by just holding the power button during its sleep. There is no need to wake it up to the lockscreen to turn it off.

    And you're welcome!
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  3. nuevo
    Hi! can anyone know if this is the same as BENJEI s5/AGPTEK M20??

    CFZC Newest Mini Hi-Fi Touch Button MP3 player Metal 8GB High Sound Quality Lossless Music Player with FM/Voice record (Silver)

    looks exatly the same, the pictures and the specs, but the brand is different.

    if it's the same, this is the last (and best) firmware?

    【AGPtek】M20 Firmware Upgrade

    it's easy to upgrade?

    thanks and sorry for my english.
  4. Lost&Found

    I am looking to jump on DAP bandwagon after my iPod died and stumbled upon this forum. I have made up my mind, well almost, to go for a Benji player and was doing some research lately. My requirements are to use the DAP mostly on bluetooth with my Skullcandy Crushers Wireless. I really liked the reviews on S5 Bluetooth on this forum but the limitations of bluetooth menu is a bit of a letdown (inability to navigate while connected to bluetooth, disconnection when moving to main menu, no access to folders just one big list etc.) Can anyone with S5B provide details on bluetooth menu/navigation and also battery life on bluetooth please ?

    Also, from this forum I gathered, that AGPTek and Benji are the same products (S5 is M20, but there is no S5 Bluetooth varient in AGPTek). I found an AGPTek product that has a versatile bluetooth functionality:

    Product Description

    New Bluetooth Function

    Able to go back to the main menu when using bluetooth. Also supports playlist, rewind/fast forward, FM radio under bluetooth mode.

    High Sound Quality
    Supports audio formats: MP3/WMA/OGG/APE/FLAC/WAV/AAC-LC/ACELP etc. MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC/APEN in bluetooth mode. Not support Audible and WMA DRM directly.

    Resume Playback & Bookmarks.
    Not have to listen from the beginning of a song or playlist again and again. The player will remember where you left off last time! And it allows you to add up to 10 bookmarks for each audio file.

    One Key to Lock Screen
    If inadvertently pressing the wrong button or screen, one lock screen button gives a nice solution. Independent volume control(up and dowm button).

    Operate without Activating Screen
    When the screen is off and unlocked, volume up/down, skip to the previous/next track, play/pause are available (rewind/fast forward needs screen to be on).

    Is there any Benji product like this ? Can S5 Bluetooth be customised, via a firmware update, to have a similar bluetooth functionality. I am also looking for a good battery life on Bluetooth, hopefully not trying to fit an elephant in a car with all these requirements.

    Thanks for help members.
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  5. wastan

    AgPTEK is a foreign distribution brand that uses a number of different manufacturers' products including Benjie and Ruizu.
  6. Lost&Found
    Thanks Wastan. Yeah, I gather that but couldn't find a similar product as R1B (with the same bluetooth functionalities) in either Benji or Ruizu. I am looking for a metallic mp3 player and hence not very keen for R1B (AgPTEK).

    Would you recommend Auphile A7 by looking at the specs (or if you happen to test it yet). It's got great reviews both in Aliexpress and Amazon:

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  7. bsoplinger
    Is the 'new for 2017' AGPtEK A20S a Benjie design or someone else's? I grabbed one on a Black Friday deal. 40+ hours claimed battery life, 16GB on board, side press on/off switch vs. the bottom slider, separate menu and back buttons and mostly dedicated volume buttons so no more long hold on the down button to adjust the volume. What's most interesting is that it sports modified button behavior vs things like the K9. There's been an attempt to shift from what I assume is a Chinese centric use of left right to move up and down menus to actually using the up and down buttons.
  8. wastan
    I've got no experience with that brand. This uses a Rockchip NanoC. The Benjies K9, S5 are based on Action 2127s. I think ONN and NEWSMMY use the nano c in some models. The HiFi button has me a bit curious. I'd ask some specific questions about bluetooth functionality before buying.
  9. Lost&Found
    Thanks. Yeah, I think the HiFi button is just a bass boost functionality (as seller mentioned in one of the responses in Amazon advert), I wouldn't need that with my Crushers though :p
  10. Alpaca
    I'm new in this DAP world and I use an ipod shuffle (because I don't like to listen music on my smartphone) and now I bought an Benjie S5 from China that not even arrived yet, but I found and fell in love with Benjie X1, that visual rectangular not rounded, in full metal body (I hate that shiny black plastic on the back of K8, T6 and S5, but I know it's because of the bluetooth feature).
    So I started my searches about the X1, but there isn't a lot of information about it over the internet. What I found was that he uses basically the same chip as benjie S5, sound similar and has some bugs, like the freezing when you try to turn off on the clock screen and some noises (I don't if it happen with musics in the internal memory too). Plus that the benjie X1 isn't anymore on the benjie website, what makes me conclude that it's out of production and never will have a improved firmware to fix the bugs.
    After saying this, I would to know if you guys could give your opinion if it's worth to buy the benjie X1 (I really love the visual and the 600mAh baterry that means 30+ hours of music). Please let me know your opinion about this budget DAP?
    My second doubt, is if it's possible to use the benjie K8 firmware on the benjie X1 (as they use the same chip, have the same buttons and style of navigation), because was answsered some posts above that the K8 doesn't freeze like X1. It could be a plus.
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  11. SomeEntityThing
    Welcome to Head-Fi :D

    I can't help you with that second question unfortunately, but the first...

    The X1 definitely looks and feels great (except for the sharp corners) and the hilariously good battery life is just that. If that alone is enough to get you curious about it then I'd say pull the trigger. The player won't dissapoint you in that regard. I feel like most/all of my problems with this player was because it was defective... because I found yet another one. I transferred some flac files to it recently and whenever they play there's a chance that at any radom point in the music it can "lag" for a second or two and then be normal again. I don't exactly know how to explain this lag... I guess you could think of it like watching a YouTube video online and then suddenly having the video stop due to poor internet connection, and then automatically resuming again after the video's loaded, except that happens roughly 15 times within the span of 2 seconds. Youch :/ If I can find a way to hook my player up with a speaker I'd love to show you exactly what I mean...

    I really, really, really wanted to love this player, and in some ways, like it's unruly build and stupidly good battery life, still do. But that last bug or whatever is kinda my breaking point lol. I'm very sure I got a defective product, since everyone else seems to be loving their X1, and I still retain that statement I made a while ago about being willing to buy another because of the two reasons I stated earlier. I hope the next one I may order ends up working better, and I hope this doesn't deter you so much from trying this cheap little player!
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  12. Alpaca
    I appreciate your answer. It has great value in my decision. I'm really inclined to get the X1
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  13. bsoplinger
    May I suggest looking into the Benjie K9, K8 version also. No fiddly touch controls but a physical dial. Same odd software and button use because of the cultural differences between Chinese and Western. Same crazy long battery life. Same small but usable display. And consider the AGPtEK branded variants if they're cheaper.
  14. Alpaca
    I already searched about the, but on the k9 i don't like the speaker and not dedicated volume buttons and on the k8 I don't like that shiny black back. So I'll pull the trigger on the X1 and compare it to the S5 that will arrive soon.
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  15. SomeEntityThing
    I pulled the trigger yesterday :p Call me crazy because I probably am but I just have this gut feeling that I should give the X1 another chance. I'll be sure to post my thoughts about the new one when it arrives... and passes the dreaded wait at customs. Hope you enjoy yours :) you will be shocked by how weighty and durable it feels in your hand!
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