Benchmark DAC3 HGC (w/ ESS Sabre 9028PRO)

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  1. murphythecat
    anyone have compared holo spring to the dac3 yet?
  2. T Bone
    I did not have both at the same time - so a head-to-head comparison was impossible.  
    In short, I prefered the NOS mode on the Spring to the DAC3.  I wrote reviews about both DACs.
    You might want to ask @MacedonianHero - he had both DACs as well.
  3. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Actually have both. [​IMG] Love both... actually bought both. Both are excellent, but different enough to own them both and I can appreciate them both. 
  4. Edric Li
    Mind elaborating more?
  5. canali
    Hope you can provide more details in the diffs, please...and also revisit your impressions and compare to the hugo2 when it comes out.
  6. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Both reviews should be out in April on our site. [​IMG] 
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  7. mmcentyre
    I just wanted to follow up that I wasn't able to evaluate the DAC properly since my system had some issues.  My speakers are somewhat detailed and bright, and I thought that if this was caused by distortion from the digital source, the Benchmark might clear that up.  Well, I have to agree with a recent professional review that said this DAC is best suited for a system that already has the right tone/balance in place.  With the Benchmark added, things were even more detailed and crisp. I think if my other components were better, the DAC might have worked out.
  8. Edric Li
    Are you saying the Benchmark is bright/crisp?
  9. MacedonianHero Contributor
    He's saying his speakers are bright/crisp. The Benchmark is neutral/flat (measurements confirm that as well). So bight speakers will sound the way they sound...bright. FWIW, my review of this excellent DAC will be out just over a week from now on our site.
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  10. dave1215

    Does this mean that an iPhone's battery will drain through the USB connection unless you use a separate powered device? Can someone recommend such a powered USB hub for this purpose?
  11. Edric Li
    Someone help us out with this thing vs RME ADI-2 pro vs Mytek Brooklyn vs Grace Design M920 vs Prism Sound Callia vs SPL Phonitor 2/X/E [​IMG]
    Some serious competition at the $2000 price tag.
  12. headwhacker
    With iPhone alone, it won't work. It can't supply enough current to power the USB chip in DAC2/3. You need a powered hub to use the USB connection.
  13. dave1215
    So I went ahead and purchased the Benchmark DAC3 and hooked it up (with the included Monoprice USB cable) to my MacBook Pro playing lossless files ripped from my CDs. Using the HT bypass to play through my Krell integrated amplifier into Audio Physic Virgo speakers (as well as listening through the headphone amp and HGC volume control driving Beyerdynamic DT 880s). With the panoply of input options I was able to do direct A/B comparisons between my Krell CD player and iTunes as well as between the digital and analog outputs of the CD player. I will say that the balanced XLR connection makes a huge difference in bringing out subtle details such as the breath of vocalists and the note decay of wind and string instruments. So far very happy with this well designed and excellently built little piece of equipment.
  14. Rockin_Zombie
    Hi guys,
    I am getting a faint whine from the unit when the power cable is plugged in (even when the unit is not on). Is this normal? It doesn't bother me as the unit is quite far away and I only hear it when my ear is say a few cm away. Should I exchange it while the warranty is active, or is this normal? 
  15. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Mine is dead silent. I'd try another outlet with it in your house first.
    In case anyone interested, my Benchmark DAC3 HGC review is now live. [​IMG]
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