Benchmark DAC3 HGC (w/ ESS Sabre 9028PRO)

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  1. headwhacker
    Bad timing on my part? I just bought a DAC2 couple of weeks ago. Now they release the DAC3.

    I wonder how much can they improve from DAC2. Apparently using the latest Sabre DAC. Unfortunately, the headphone amp (HPA2) remain unchanged.
  2. Sybil
    Wow. These must have just launched? I was just browsing the Benchmark website yesterday and it wasn't listed.
    I was just about to submit payment for my Grace M920 order.
    Although I will very likely still proceed with the M920, would be really interesting to see a comparison between it and the DAC3!~
  3. Sybil
    Also just noticed these are available for order on BH Photo Video now.
    Benchmark DAC3-L ... US$ 1,895.00
    Benchmark DAC3-HGC ... US$ 2,195.00
  4. headwhacker

    It just did, I don't see any google search for DAC3 except Benchmark's site. The only thing new I can see which is interesting is the Harmonic compensation. I wish the have updated the HPA2. Everything else seems like an incremental update. Comparing DAC3 to DAC2, the difference is not that big than comparing DAC2 and DAC1.
    So I guess the DAC3 won't give me enough of an itch to upgrade [​IMG] from DAC2. But I can see DAC1 users maybe tempted to jump in. I hope they have some sort of a trade-in program.
  5. nordkapp
    I own an DAC2 DX. I'll be anxiously waiting for some listening comparisons to the DAC2. Like you say, more of an incremental upgrade. So I'm thinking-ok, take a hit selling the DAC2, then spring for a new DAC3. I'm probably looking at a total cost of $1K to upgrade. Likely not to happen.
  6. nordkapp
  7. T Bone
    I have been considering upgrading my Oppo HA-1 dac/amp combo.  I've been shopping for a pre-owned Benchmark DAC2-HGC.
    My concern was that I would be "upgrading" to another DAC based on the same Sabre 9018 as my "old" Oppo HA-1.  I was concerned that wouldn't be be much of an upgrade.   A DAC3 HGC with the ESS9028PRO chipset will most certainly be a significant upgrade.
    ...what about DSD support?  We know that DAC2 supported DSD64.  
    Will the new DAC3 support double (DSD128) or quad rate DSD (DSD256)?
  8. nordkapp
    I'd drop Benchmark an email with that one. They have been good in the past with me asking questions.
  9. T Bone
    I took your suggestion and emailed Benchmark.  You were right; I got a very quick reply.
    The Benchmark Sales Manager I corresponded with confirmed that the DAC3 supports DSD64 only.  
  10. nordkapp
    Awesome. Well to me at least it's not a deal breaker. Dsd above single rate is super limited and pricey. Good luck to you. If you do decide to get one, let us know your impressions.
  11. T Bone
    Let's see what kind of "Black Friday" sales retailers like MusicDirect, Audio Advisor and B&H offer.
    I suspect there's going to be a firesale on DAC2's here in the classified section.  [​IMG]
  12. T Bone
    FYI - I've created a new "product" page for the DAC3 here on Head-Fi and uploaded a couple of stock photos.
    *** LINK ***
    Feel free to edit & update as you see fit.
  13. T Bone
    HeadWhacker - you might not be out of luck.  I just saw this on Benchmark's Facebook page:
  14. headwhacker
    I'll discuss this with my local retailer and see how it goes. [​IMG]
  15. nordkapp
    This company is legit. :thumbsup:
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