Beginner - Playlists with Neutron on DX220 ?
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Hi Folks -

I am a rank beginner when it comes to portable dap / player software, so I'm sure that I've missed something obvious, trivial, or possible even downright silly ... but here goes:

I'm using a DX220 [love it!, great sound, solidly built] and have my music files on a micro-sd card. No problem playing music with Mango, Mango dedicated OS, or Neutron [my new favorite, even with its quirks].

My problem/question is about using / creating playlists: what is the correct way to designate the path to music files in this configuration? Most of my playlists have been created using iTunes on Windows [various versions], and I can export them [.m3u8 format], then I know I need to update the paths to the music files [change backslashes to forward slashes] ... but how do I specify the micro-sd card as the top-level source location?

The folder structure looks like: [SD Card Root]\Music\ArtistName\Album\01 TrackName.m4a ... and the playlist files are currently in: [SD Card Root]\Playlists


Thanks in advance!

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Don't feel bad, there seems to be a significant lack of solid guidance for playlists Mango OS and Mango Android Player on the DX220 (i.e. a simple means to create them, rename them (in Mango OS, etc.). It's frustrating me too because I can't seem to find a single method that seems to work more than once. I've also noticed the DX200 and DX160 don't have as many users with playlist issues. I really wish someone would post a DX220 Playlists for Dummies that addresses how to create (in desired song order), import, export, and rename (in Mango OS) a simple playlist. Definitely feeling your pain.

Cheers and All the Best!:beerchug:
-HK sends
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