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BEGINNER need help!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by hobbyguy, Feb 5, 2011.
  1. hobbyguy
    Hi guy as you can see I'm new to this forum and on the electrical building can any body tell me if this forum provide any info on how to build your own amplifiers for some small speaker and some headphones.
    As a beginner I don't know how to read schematic so please don't comments if your gonna say.. "search button is your best friend" "google it" cause like i said I'm just a beginner and been doing that and same thing just schematic and no step by step tutorial, and like i said don't know how to read schematic, maybe just a little bit but don't know how to put it on a board, and the board would have to be the one from radio shack cause don't have the money or the tools to make a PCB board. So what I'm asking from you guys is...

    Can you guys help me on building a portable amplifier for some small speakers or headphones, the first thing i need first is a list of the components that would be needing (exact name if possible), second a step by step on how to put everything on a radio shack board, if you guys don't want to do the step by step at least just the list.

    I know i sound demanding but i have to put what i want, other wise ill be getting comments on "search it" "look around the web," and there only schematic or they are doing it on long board that you don't solder anything but this is something i want to keep and take it around with me.

    Well thank you :)...trfgysrtgserfse 
  2. b0klau
    a step by step tutorial on how to make a simple cmoy from a radioshack pcb. very detailed and will cover pretty much everything you need to know.
    funny thing is i googled cmoy... this was the first result
    sometimes searching does help [​IMG]
  3. hobbyguy
    Well i guess i just didn't put Cmoy amplifier, but anyways i seen this page already and the only thing is that i cant see to find all the parts the number parts that they provide for each website aren't there in some but, what i was seen is that i also saw that they have a big list and some of them are saying to get of 2 pair and on the finish amp don't seen that much, i was reading it to but it look like they skip steps in one image have few components and on the next one have a lot more.
    Thank you, do you know if i have to buy the whole list. [​IMG]
  4. nivrethejugg
    You can prolly get parts from jdslabs but here's a real nice link.
    You have to get your own tin though. You'd be better off at the DIY section btw.
    I can't help you with the DIY but thought this might help.
  5. b0klau


    I've built this cmoy before. It was my first diy amp build. Very very very simple.
    It comes in a kit as well so you won't have to hunt for parts. The layout is a lot more simple than the tangent one because there are no unnecessary jumper wires.
    here's a video a guy from that company electricsumo did. its basically a step by step video guide.
    look for part 2 and part 3.
  6. hobbyguy
    Thank you so much i might get this then.
    But thus it come with everything, i don't have to buy anything else for $15.35, is that correct.
    Or are there part that aren't in the kit.
    Thank you so much for the link. where thus it come from. [​IMG]
  7. hobbyguy
    OK thank you so much for the videos, so is this amp makes a different or just a little bit.
    Thank you again.
  8. b0klau


    yes it comes with all the necessary parts. the only thing you supply are the two 9volt batteries, the altoids tin, and the interconnect cable
  9. Mr.Sh0eWax
    Make sure it's an Altoids tin, it definitely adds character to the sound. :wink: Welcome to Head-Fi!
  10. redsevn


    Personally I prefer some other mint tin (like the Penguin tin), it differentiates your amp a little bit and still just as character-y.
  11. hobbyguy
    OK sound good then ill buy it.
    Thank you so much.
  12. hobbyguy
    OK ill make sure of that, i already have a Altoids tin prepare for it.
    And thank you.
  13. Mr.Sh0eWax
    I think the penguin is starting to be more and more popular - but I haven't been keeping up with the DIY scene lately. I'd be interested in seeing some wooden designs, but this is all beyond the point.

    I should point out that Head-FI's DIY sub-forum will be a much better place to go for your inevitable troubleshooting, hobbyguy. And this isn't coming from the "search tool is your best friend" mind set (even though you should search because you'll get eaten alive here if you don't).
  14. hobbyguy
    I wanted to make two amp but i cant find a Penguin tin anywhere. So ill put them in a Altoids tin.
    But thank you.
  15. hobbyguy
    OK thanks for the heads up, is not that i don't want to search for it, because i have and cant seen to find what i want to know. but on the next amp that i want to build ill still do my search and when i cant seen to find what i want to know, then I'll post it, is probably that other people know the links and they could just provide it and it would be a lot fast to make it.
    Thank you. [​IMG]

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