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Before and after pics - CURSE YOU HEAD FI!

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  1. Digital-Pride
    Just bumping this awesome thread, though I hope to post some pictures in the not so distant future.
  2. fatcat28037 Contributor
    An update to my post #6011, I sold my transport, DAC & SACD player and replaced them with a Yahama CD-S2000 CD/SACD with balanced output.
    and what good is the gear without music
  3. petralian
    what an epic thread... I nearly cried reading it
  4. fatcat28037 Contributor
    This was such a great thread for 7 years, can anyone breath life into it with some new pics?
  5. fatcat28037 Contributor
    My new CD shelves
  6. Jahn Contributor
    Hi folks! The sins of the father shall be passed down to his children. Both my kids listen to music like crazy. I'm tempted to bring the Tower of Power out of retirement so the kids can listen to their fave songs like they've never heard it before. Are the ages of 12 and 8 too young for Darth Grado HP-1000s, a Melos Maestrobator headphone amp and the like?
  7. wink
    Go Stax or go home...    wait, you are home.......    [​IMG]
    Good to see you still racking up the posts........    [​IMG]
  8. EnOYiN
    Maybe they should start collecting guitars as well. :)
  9. thatonenoob
    Did this thread just come back from the dead? Noticed that the last picture post was in...6/28/12 (or is something loading incorrectly on my comp).  What kind of black magic was used and where can I learn this art.  Cheers folks! [​IMG]
  10. wink
    It's called a necro-bump, as in resurrecting a long abandoned thread.
    The assiduous Head-Fier comes accross these occasionally.
  11. thatonenoob
    Necromancy is a skill I have yet to fully acquire.  I suppose you could teach me this dark art?
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