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Before and after pics - CURSE YOU HEAD FI!

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  1. Towert7


    I could keep myself busy there for days on end just comparing the darn things!
    I assume some will be sold off?  Any definite keepers?
  2. Skylab Contributor
    Nope - I have no plans to sell any of those. They are all keepers. I sold off the lower end stuff - DT880/990, etc etc.
  3. Towert7


    That boggles my mind.  Lucky!
  4. matthewh133
    Wow, some craziness in this thread! I'm nearly content with what I have for the moment, nearly.
  5. EnOYiN
    Too bad the pictures in the first post don't show anymore since the crash a few years back. This was one of the posts I truly enjoyed reading on this forum.
    Nice collection there Skylab. You made sure you won't get bored any time soon I suspect.
  6. Currawong Contributor
    Skylab: You forgot to include the amps and the zillions of tubes.  I'll have to do another shot once I have a Taboo and have the Stacker working again and maybe a pair of Stax C32...
  7. Skylab Contributor


    True that!  All too true.
  8. Sture
    ...And after
  9. Skylab Contributor
    Your "before" wasn't to shabby, but the "after" looks very nice!
  10. Digital-Pride
    Just doing the ole bump, will add pics later.
  11. fatcat28037 Contributor
    An update to my post #5982
    July 2007 after 7 months on Head-Fi
    November 2009
    February 2011
  12. cifani090


    When i looked at that, i just thought about all that burn in time you have had with those tubes.
  13. MorbidToaster
    This month has actually been my 1 year anniversary here at Head-Fi. To celebrate I've bought my D7000, Yulong D100, and Schiit Lyr (for my HE 6 in the future).

    It feels like it's been longer...Many happy, wallet killing years to come though.
  14. Landis Contributor


    I don't know what I'm going to do this year... I've been tempted to make that jump into the high-endish but sadly I wasn't able to try too many high-end rigs at the last Toronto meet. Hopefully the next meet may be a deciding factor in where my tax return monies shall land.
  15. MorbidToaster

    I had to PAY the tax man this year...That was a blow.

    With my money about to get really tight for awhile, I'm hopefully going to splurge on one more thing to celebrate...A pair of HE 6s.

    After that I've got to save every penny...
391 392 393 394 395 396 397 398 399 400

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