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Been Out of the IEM World, Looking For Some Advice!

  1. bloke226
    Curious what you guys think.  I’m kind of in the market for new IEMs, guess I want a better sound that what I have now or something more fun (undecided).  The only two sets worth mentioning that I own are my Shure SE530s and Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10s.  I’ve been reading a lot about the Fischer Audio DBA-02 but they’re out of stock on the US/Canada web-retailer (I live in the US).  They seem like a good pair to try out or buy due to the reviews of others and the price seems right.
    I did enjoy my SE530 comfort, but liked the Triple.fi 10 sound.  Sad part is I actually prefer the sound of my Ultrasone PRO 750 over the IEMs.  I don’t know if that is a common thing to say, but I feel that the Ultrasone PRO 750 have a more natural deeper sound than the IEMs.  Could be failure of a poor fit of the IEMs, and I’ve used different tips, even Comply foam tips; who knows.
    So kind of open to anything, except custom mold and price >$300 (or less even lol).  I’m not against customs, but would like my next IEM after this one to be a custom mold of my UE10s J
    EDIT:  Some more information to aid better suggestions for me to research on..
    What I like to listen to:
    Rock (classic, modern, punk)—30%
    Techno (house, progressive)—30%
    Mashups (not sure if it's a genre lol)--20%

    What I want most out of my next IEM:  sound > comfort > price > style
    Sound:  I like clarity and deep tight bass.  I'd like a wide soundstage, but not needed.  For reference, I'm very pleased with my PRO 750s (useful if you've used them before).
    Comfort:  I want to be able to put them in with ease, I felt like I had to constantly tweak my TF10s and it was a pain.  I have a "medium" sized ear, at least thats what fits best in my ear for ear tips. Wrapping the cord around the ear or let it hang doesn't matter to me.  I am content with the fit of the SE530 (I want different sound, hence me wanting to buy)
    Price:  <$450, but cheaper the better...but I won't correlate inexpensive with quality...if it costs me $10 and seems to beat the $700 in terms of quality and sound then boy I didn't break the wallet this week..
    Style:  I don't want too many colors, like more then 3.  I'm pretty flexible with color choice as long as it's not pink, purple, yellow.  Also I'd like the cable to be durable, unlike the TF10 which I've had to replace...
  2. dweaver
    Earsonics SM3 may give you what your looking for or possibly a dynamic driver based IEM like the Radius DDM. I have been using a modified SM3 and they are the first IEM/headphone that is satisfying every aspect I want and that includes all the full size headphones I've tried as well.
  3. yello131
    SM3, FX700, e-Q7, DDM, IE8?
    later one is priced very low compared to the rest, also considered best priced Dynamic dual drivers in the market, (and the only one)
  4. bloke226
    The Earsonics SM3 look promising after reading impressions and reviews and not that far outside my "budget request". 
    Hard to find a place to buy the Radius DDM.  Only place I found was AccessoryJack.com, not a problem but never heard of them before lol.  First impression on the looks is that it might might be uncomfortable lol, and reminds me of the uncomfortable fit of the TF10s.
  5. yello131

    I got mine DDM from Japanese retailer musicaAcoustics.com
    Also they sell it on Ebay as far as I understand.
    If you prefer local check ALO Audio shop in Portland Or. USA
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  6. yello131


    DDM could be uncomfortable if you have small ears but even those with small ears managed to enjoy this amazing earphones using eartips.
    I never had any issues myself with the fit but there are few members who could not get used to its unique shape ):
  7. yello131

    double post
  8. bloke226


    Ah thanks for the other sources.  Only found accessoryjack.com on my first go on checking prices via Google search.

    Hmm, don't think my ears are small.  It takes the medium size silicon tip on most IEMs that I've tried and been satisfied.  The small tip usually lead to a poor fit and poor isolation.
  9. yello131

    MusicaAcoustics based in Japan, provides great customer service and ships lighting fast. (also cheaper) I am not sure about accessoryjakcs never used Chinese shops before.
    If your ears are not small, DDM will work for you, well, not 100% sure but it worked for dozens of members on this forum except the "lucky few" who got to suffer a lot listening to DDM.
    What is best is to try different eartips, because tips do really make a huge difference. Many advices have been made by DDM users about which tips work best. I use Comply foam as well as Ortofon e-Q7.
    Good luck in your search
  10. stevenswall

    I believe the title of first dual dynamic earphone belongs to my Koss KDE/250, then to the Phiaton PS320, then to the Radius DDM. After having heard them all at CanJam 2010, I would put the DDM first in terms of SQ, then my KDE/250 with its emphasized bass and treble, and lastly the PS320, with its dry and lifeless midrange and lack of musicality.

  11. bloke226

    Good to hear about the positive review on MusicaAcoustics, will check them out for sure [​IMG]
    I understand what you mean by not being 100% sure on the fit, always a risk when buying IEMs anyways, but good to hear that the "majority" say it fits well unless you have small ears.  I love and hate Comply foam tips.  They are comfy, but don't last as long as silicon tips...guess a compromise some live with.
    Thanks for the suggestions and I'm excited to read into more of the recommendations.  So far initially leaning towards DDM or SM3, but I'm sure that will change.

    Interesting facts!  Thanks for your recommendation and input for the DDM.  How was the comfort on the DDM?  
  12. yello131

    I read some where DDM was the first Dual Dynamic driver IEM, I guess I was misinformed...
  13. yello131


    DDM and SM3 are very different from each other not only in price but also in sound and all that goes with it. DDM is Dual Dynamic and SM3 is triple BA.
    If you want clarity go for SM3, if you want a very affordable but great bass and mids Dynamic driver with lots of air, DDM is for you. There are other options out there  like e-Q7 or FX700 or DBA-02 or CK100.
    Cheaper and expensive. Your price range is 300?
  14. bloke226


    I guess I should do my homework and look at the technology behind the IEMs.  Been a little rusty on the terms (Dual Dynamic and Triple BA).  Price isn't as important to me, the sound is; but I'd like to see ~$300 range, but I understand some products will be outside that or even lower than that.  I try not to use price as a big determining factor in my purchase if I know the product I get will be what I want (or close to it).
    Guess it's my fault for not really being specific with my sound wants/needs.  I know 4 years ago when I was shopping (major noob as well) the rage was the Ultimate Ears TF10s and Shure SE530s.  Four years later my TF10s are falling apart and the SE530 are just for travel use.  I also grew some experience in what I like and don't like for sound.  I like the sound that I get from my Ultrasone PRO 750 (90% of the time), for it's clarity and deep tight bass.  I am not exactly picky about the mids, but I don't want the highs ear piercing as they were with the PRO750 when I was burning them in lol.
    I did read up a lot on the DBA-02s and I like what I've read so far, but was curious what else is out there on the market, hence me starting this thread.  I am not ruling out the others you've suggested, (e-Q7, FX700, CK100, IE8) I still have yet to fully read into them [​IMG] 
  15. ClieOS Contributor
    Not even close, mate.
    The oldest dual dynamic earphone I know of is Panasonic RP-HV70, released at late 1986, discontinued at 1989. In between 1986 to late 90's, they released no less than 5 models of dual drivers earbuds plus a few on-ear / over-the-ear models. I have a few of them.


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