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Beats, Sony, V-Moda...which one is best for me?

  1. malibuboats91
    Hi everyone! I typically listen to hip-hip/rap about 95% of the time and EDM, rock, alternative, etc in the other time. I currently own the V-Moda M100 and am looking to upgrade to Wireless. I currently have the Beats Studio 3 and Sony WH-1000XM2s home and habe been trying them out. I think I’m going to return the Beats, somy options are 1) cash in on the immortial life warranty and get the CF2W for $205 or 2) keep the WH-1000XM2 for $350. What do you think? I love the 1000x but they’re also $145 more than the CF2W. Thanks!
  2. malibuboats91
    I'm thinking about taking the plunge and ordering the P7. Thoughts?
  3. h1a8
  4. malibuboats91
    Thanks for the bump! I’m still at a loss. I returned both the Beats and the Sonys. Ordered the B&W P7 but cancelled the order as they’re no longer made and the price wasn’t discounted. Today I’m back to the PX or P7 debate.
  5. malibuboats91
    I ended up getting the P7. I've been using them for about three hours and so far so good. Overall the sound quality is a lot better than my M100s as far as clarity and sound quality. The jury is still out if the bass is better than the 1000XM2s.
  6. buke9
    I thought the VModa’s were great on bass the rest of it just meh. Have not heard the P7’s so no comment there. Not a big basshead but at times do like a good slam and my K872’s do just fine with a little Griz .
  7. Renato Fury
    What about this ?
    Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

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