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Beats Solo3 Wireless - Impressions Thread

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    Great promotion, especially combined with the education discount! I've been thinking about getting a new iMac but have no need for two pairs :frowning2:.

    I've written way too much about it in this thread but I think you'll find they're the best portable headphone package on the market. I think they're great for movies/TV thanks to their imaging and bass punch.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
  2. asoksevil

    Hi guys,

    I'm really torn between these the Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones II and Beats Solo 3. They both come to a similar retail price and while I can obviously see some advantages of the Beats over the Bose such as battery life (40 hours), W1 chip for better compatibility with my Mac and iPhone, I'm not quite sure about the audio and sound quality.

    I'm not a bass heavy guy but I do listen to all sorts of music, most of them being anything on the top 50 of Spotify, chill hits, pop, vocal and classical music.

    How's the sound quality of the Bose? Are they better for a more "neutral" tone compared to the Beats? Would you prefer them over the convenience of having the W1 chip and massive battery life of 40 hours?

    Also, when it comes to build quality, I feel the Bose has the superior hand but by not that much. Comfort wise, I think both of them should come fairly similar.

    Anybody else cross shopping these two devices? I almost pulled the trigger on the QC35 until I tried them twice at different store and the ANC just gave me some headaches, and uncomfortable feeling alter wearing them for 10-15 minutes. I was told 30% of the people experience similar issues and given I couldn't really see the advantages of having ANC I was looking for a closed over ear headphones.

    Thanks for the help guys, appreciate it!
    Having heard the QC35 I would bet the Solo3 will be better-sounding than the SoundLink, which I've heard is a mediocre headphone. It's perfect for the type of music you'll use it for!
  4. asoksevil
    I very much agree with the below reviews:




    I have another thread on reddit (bose subreddit) and I see the stigma of Beats during the Monster era has not been forgotten.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2017
    Surprised at how good the SoundLink rate, but Bose are no longer as bad as they were. Very few audio brands are as terrible as they were in the past, as they all have at least one solid product.

    Especially if you're getting the Solo3 free in Apple's BTS promo, go for it.
  6. asoksevil
    Thanks, I have made up my mind and will get these ones.

    The Beoplay H7 is certainly a very good alternative, but I didn't like the fact that it was bigger and not as easy to carry around like the Beats. Price wise, the Beoplay are way more expensive, retailing for $450 (you can probably get them around $350) but not as close as the $200-$220 of the Beats. You might want to check the H4 for that price but it's not even comparable to the Beats.

    As soon as the promotion starts, I'll be snapping them.
  7. bob13bob
    wow 195ms latency as reported here and in that rtings review. Makes them almost useless for gaming, and movies will require audio syncing. it's a 1/5th of a second.
  8. SparkOnShore
    There is no latency at all in the W1 chip earphones that I have tested. I was owing the Solo3 and used a lot until I sold them. Currently I listen on Powerbeats3 and AirPods. There is zero latency on all these products. So if you read any reviews mentioning that there is any latency, those reviews are 100% false! Cheers...
    Solo3 is still the most flawless wireless headphone you can buy in terms of connection strength, latency, etc
    Also of note: Solo3 isolate better for me than the Studio3 with the ANC enabled. I know this for a fact since I use an air dryer at the gym and it’s less noticeable with the Solo3.

    Solo3 is the best gym headphone followed by AirPods and PowerBeats.
    Listening to the Solo3 with an Apple Watch Series 3 is downright magical. I genuinely don’t feel like I’m making any compromises with this setup. Great headphones, perfect wireless, really doesn’t get much better for convenience.
    Interestingly enough, I had my Solo3 replaced under warranty due to issues with the battery indicator and the replacement pair seems improved. They changed the branding to “Solo3” rather than simply Solo as it was previously and the sound seems overall slightly cleaner with noticeably softer ear pads.
    FA292E12-72AB-4A73-A594-6BF43744E483.jpeg Whereas the Solo3 previously used to just be branded “Solo” on the headband. There definitely was a silent revision here. The mids are particularly impressive on the new unit. Cleaner without bass bleeding into the lower mids.

    “Old” aesthetic.
    Hey, what’d you think?
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