Beats solo 2 not as much bass as expected
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Jul 2, 2015
So I always thought all the beats headphones have a lot of bass. But when I recently bought the solo 2 I couldn't say that about them but it was fine with me. Till I had a chance to try my colleagues wireless studios which was like day and night on the bass side. Is it supposed to be like that or is it me? Or are the headphones defective?
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Thinking about it, the wireless version would have its own way of reconstructing bluetooth data, and so would have its own DAC and amp in there so it would be different from the wired version. You'd think they would tune the wireless one so there was some similarity.
The other factor is your music source - if the output is on the bass-light side or if its a bit lacking in power, the bass would be affected that way too.
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My understanding is that Beats moved away just a bit from over-emphasized bass with the Solo 2 (although I have not heard them). Still bass emphasis, but a more balanced sound.

But like Steve says, this could be your source device. What are you using to drive your headphones (make/model)? Are you running your headphones at or near maximum volume?

And you could always look into getting a Fiio E11k which would give you more power and a bass boost switch.
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I'd be interested in the reasons for the lack of bass, as I'm after a pair of bassy cans myself and these were potentially on my radar.  

Well, check out this review: They don't lack bass so much as, I mentioned above, the sound is a bit more balanced.
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I have heard the Solo 2 and compared to other on-ears like the t51p, the P5 S2, The M500, the Momentum on-ears and the Fidelio on-ear models, it has more bass. The most obvious elevation is in the mid-bass, but it goes on till the sub-bass.
The quality of the bass is good and the mids and treble are still present and pretty decent, but make no mistake: this headphone is on the dark side (no pun intended). I have no idea why your pair seems to lack bass.
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I tested the wireless studios on the same device that I use my solo 2 and difference was massive: they were really loud compared to mine, I couldn't even listen at full volume and the bass was what you would expect from
Beats headphones so I'm really concerned that something is wrong. Now I really want to go and compare the ones they have on display in stores
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Studio Beats are a lot louder so the bass will have more impact if you're plugged into the same device, but Beats Solo 2 still have plenty of bass, I'm pretty sure you and you friend didn't level match when you compared.

The Studio Beats are just about the loudest headphones on the planet, it's either them or the Beats Mixr. Somebody may suggest a headphone amp but it'll just distort.

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