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Beats alternatives (please help me add to the list)

  1. zunehdrocks
    Well they have to meet a few requirements:
    1.they have to be at least somewhat fun sounding
    2.they have to be somewhat stylish
    3. No other celebrity endorsed bull ( soul by ludicris, etc)
    Beats solo hd/ beats mixr : 
    fun sounding: donscorpio dolphin, onkyo es fc 300, logitech ue 6000, vmoda m80, vmoda xs, velodyne vquiet, nad viso hp50, polk audio ultrafocus 8000
    Basshead: m audio q 40, vmoda m100, yamaha pro 500(idk if this belongs here)
    fun sounding: shure se 215, yamaha eph 100, rha ma 750
    powerbeats 2.0 (wireless)
    fun sounding: jaybird bluebuds x
    basshead :
    beats pro/beats studio:
    fun sounding: polk audio ultrafocus 8000, nad viso hp50, velodyne vquiet 
    Basshead: yamaha pro 500 ( idk if these fit here but it seems to be borderline)
    jvc sz2000 
    Vmoda m100
    Beats studio wireless:
    fun sounding:harmon kardon bt, sony mdr1rbt
    basshead: velodyne vfree

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