Beach Boys fans make your special list
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jul 8, 2007
Here is the criteria.......

A) Name your favorite Pre-Pet Sounds Beach Boys song (or 2 if you must)

B) Name your favorite track from Pet Sounds (or 2 if you must :wink:

C) Name your favorite song from the SMiLE sessions (or 2 if you must:wink:

D) Name your favorite post SMiLE Beach Boys track but make sure it's not a SMiLE leftover like Surf's Up or Cabinessence...... (or 2 if you must:wink:

for me it would read like this...

A)The Warmth Of The Sun / Let Him Run Wild
B) God Only Knows / Wouldn't It Be Nice
C) Surf's Up / Good Vibrations
D) Forever / Long Promised Road

I'm a firm believer that had SMiLE been completed in 1967 it would have equalled Pet Sounds and possibly exceeded it overall........If you ever run across Purple Chick's stereo reconstruction of SMiLE I highly recommend it. It is better than Wilson's recycling of the piece in 2004. Aside from the tragic deaths of many great ones, the non-release of SMiLE is to me, the biggest loss/tragedy in the history of popular music. I think it would be ranked alongside Sgt Pepper as the greatest album ever recorded.....just as Pet Sounds is already.
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I would have to agree with B.

B) God Only Knows / Wouldn't It Be Nice

I haven't really heard the others on your list, A and D. I'm still making up my mind on what to put for C.

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