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Be the first to try out FiiO's brand new Lightning DAC/amp i1!!!

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by fiio, Mar 13, 2017.
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  1. AudioE
    Another great nod to Fiio.

    -iPhone 7plus, iPad Air, iPod touch.

    -would love a more portable sound solution for my apple devices.

    - Kennett Square Pennsylvania

    - English, Greek, Spanish.
  2. princewince
    IPhone 7 Plus; iPad 4th generation; iPod Touch 6th Generation; Macbook Pro
    I would love to try out this Lightning Dac/amp i1 because the sound quality on my Apple devices just doesn't cut it, especially when using headphones. I own a Fiio Xiii as well. I have a ton of hi-res flac files in 24-bit/96 kHz and 24-bit/ 192 kHz. Would love to FINALLY hear the subtle nuances of these tunes.
    I live in Port Angeles, WA on the Canada/US border.
    I speak and write English but can get by in French and Spanish as well.
    Thanks for the opportunity if I am selected.
  3. frederickchr
    - iPhone 7 Plus, ipad mini
    - looking for ultraportable DAC especially with lightning connector
    - Indonesia
    - English - Indonesia (for local forum in facebook)
  4. nanoevil
    - iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Mini
    - I would love to try an upgraded experience. Already have another lightning to 3.5mm dac from a 3rd party maker but wasn't impressed.
    - Manila, Philippines
    - English and Filipino
  5. Aeross
    -The Apple Lighting devices that you possess
    iPad mini. iPhone 7.
    -Why you would like to try i1
    I'm a programmer and I'm allways listening to music when I do my work and on my way home. Want to try something different from the Apple stock audio; want to be able to listen to my music in a new way and discover new sounds that are not possible with my current set. Got a FiiO E6 as AMP for the phone and a K1 DAC for home. 
    -Your current living location
    Guadalajara, México.
    -The languages that you can use for reviews
    Spanish, English.
  6. neopac
    Apple device..
    Iphone 7 plus
    why i would like to try it..
    looking for a portable lightning DAC/Amp, because i`m missing some spaciousness and definition in my iphone 7s output.
    Waiting desperately since months for this product to hit the shelfs.
    living in..
    Vienna / Austria
    Review language
    English / German
  7. Denedono

    I currently own an Iphone 7 plus.

    I'm currently using a shure se535 and I wish that the sound quality can improve since I usually use it everyday while commuting.

    Brisbane, Australia

    I can give a review in Thai and English.
    Thank you!
  8. leecox
    *I have a 6s & iPad4
    * I have your A1s and E06, which both sound great but both suffer from interference while I'm on the tube. Hoping the i1 will stop this.

    Will the i1 have the 9018Q2C DAC chip?
  9. JeromeP
    I'm a new member but I actually have been "lurking"  here for the past 3 or 4 years...
    I decided to create an account especially  to try the i1.
    - The Apple Lighting devices that you possess :
    iPhone 6, iPhone 6S plus, and iPad Pro 12,9
    -Why you would like to try i1 :
    Basically, I love apple products and I'm very happy with everything they put on the table... Except sound quality. To listen to music I use various devices with various headphones. I currently mainly use Earsonics Velvet and Shure SRH 1540.
    Over the years I've owned various DAPs : X3 (original), X5 (original), X7, AK Jr, AK70, Onkyo DP-X1. 
    But if I could I would love to carry only one device on the go. Especially in the summer.
    I'm eager to find out if i1 can bring a comparable sound quality to my beloved iphone.
    - Your current living location : Paris, France
    - The languages that you can use for reviews : French, English
    Thanx !
  10. GamingDJ
    -The Apple Lighting devices that you possess
    iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPad Mini

    -Why you would like to try i1
    Because I own quite a lot of iOS devices and two FiiO products (E10 and Q1) which aren't really compatible with them. I'm not exactly happy with the sound quality that I get from the device itself especially when I need an on the go listening to the prepared set for the shows I perform at.

    -Your current living location
    New Delhi, India

    -The languages that you can use for reviews
    English, Hindi.
  11. floydstyle

    -The Apple Lighting devices that you possess
    I own the iPhone 7 for work and personnal audio on the road. IPad Air2 and the 2016 bar MBP 13inch
    -Why you would like to try i1
    I've been waiting on this! Would like to use other IEM for music and calls and apple IEM are so uncomfortable
    -Your current living location
    Quebec, Canada
    -The languages that you can use for reviews
    English, French
  12. Paul C
    - Apple iPad Air & iPhone 6
    - I've been searching for a small lightning DAC for ages and this looks perfect
    - England, UK
    - English


  13. .Sup
    I have an iPad Air 2 that I primarily use to watch movies while in my bed using onboard and iPhone 5 that use for listening to music outdoors.

    I'm interested in this product because I like the small, elongated form factor and want something that has slightly more power so I can plug in full sized headphones without needing a bigger amp.

    My current location is my balcony (listening to music with iPad), Ljubljana, Slovenia

    My native language is Slovene and I can do English reasonably well.
  14. duyu
    -The Apple Lighting devices that you possess
    iPhone 7
    -Why you would like to try i1
    Finding the best possible lightning dac in a cable size
    -Your current living location
    Hong Kong
    -The languages that you can use for reviews
    Chinese and English
  15. golar3
    Greetings, proud owner of X5, E18 and X1...
    Also, I own an iPhone7 plus, iPad mini, iPad air and iPod mini.
    The removal of the headphone jack was a mistake! Plus, I love Fiio products (I also have a L19 :wink:.
    I live in Romania
    I can write in english, french, romanian...
    Thank you!
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