BB King 80 and Ray Charles Genius Loves Company
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Welly Wu

Headphoneus Supremus
May 16, 2003
Does anyone else have this CD? I am getting into it like a broken in shoe. Basically, BB is trying to cash in on the star duets cash cow like Ray Charles did with Genius Loves Company which Allmusic.Com reviewed both CDs and rated three out of five stars. I know they are supposed musical experts, but I do not agree with their opinions or their musical selections most of the time. Regardless, BB holds onto his core blues style with some degree of experimentation into pop with a wide range of guest stars while Charles' has an insatiable desire to record all sorts of musical styles that is more rhythm, soul, and gospel inspired on his CD; I think Charles pulls off a better job. Anyway, if you have both BB King's 80 and Ray Charles' Genius Loves Company, I recommend you give them a listen and post your replies. Thanks.

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