Bay Area Meet July 28, 2024
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Nov 5, 2014
Bay Area, CA
Hi everybody! We are at it again in the Bay (see the impressions from the last meet: If you are interested in bringing your gear and getting a table spot, please join the discord (link below) and fill out the sign up sheet. I will follow up with you in the coming weeks to give you details on the event, etc. That being said, if you have headphones or IEMs (or even DAPs) that are portable, feel free to bring those with you and carry those around to test out all the cool stuff that will be there. So here are the details:

Important notes:
  1. If you are selected to bring your own setup, please arrive 1 hour before the event to set up. There will also be 1 hour after the event is over to break down and pack up.
  2. Gear list to come.
We are sponsored by Schiit Audio!!! Please thank them for helping us put together this meet and be able to enjoy this bigger venue and the space needed to bring more of us together! Also for sending us awesome gear.

Note: Please be conscious of your manners and hygiene. If there’s a line growing behind you or for the table, limit your listening time and come back when the table isn’t as packed. Let’s let everyone listen. Also keep in mind you will be demoing other people’s gear. Please be clean, wash up, don’t put products in your hair, clean your ears, etc. Be respectful. There’s a lot of cool gear here.

List of contributing manufacturers/companies (gear to be announced and potentially more to come):
  1. Schitt Audio: Sponsor and sending SchiitKit
  3. ETA Headphones
  4. STAX
  5. ZMF
  6. Enleum
  7. rhythmdevils audio
  8. Woo Audio
  9. RAAL
  10. MusicTeck
  11. iFi Audio
  12. Apos Audio
  13. Geshelli Labs
Location and Date/Time:
Sunday July 28, 2024
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM PST
420 S 1st St
San Jose, CA 95113

Woo Audio is buying us all pizza! So come by and enjoy some food with your audio! Just make sure you wash your hands well in the restrooms after eating as we don't want any greasy fingers on the gear :).

Discord link for our Bay Area community:

Eventbrite/Tickets (Free) Link:

Gear List (TBD):
SRS-X1000 x 2 (NEW)
SR-003MKII x 1
SRM-D10 II x 2 (NEW)
SR-X1 x 1 (NEW)

IMMANIS Headphones
MAGNA Headphones
Armageddon SAEQ Amplifier
Feliks Envy Amplifier
Viva Egoista 2A3 Amplifier
Viva Egoista STX 300b Amplifier (TBC)

Woo Audio:
WA8 eclipse
Abyss Diana MR
Abyss Diana DZ
*Note: You are encouraged to bring your own headphones or IEMs to try out Woo's gear so you can see for yourself how it affects your sound. But that's also an overall note for the whole event.

Canpur CP622B, CP74E
MA Alter Ego
qdc Emperor
Softears Enigma
Traillii Ti

Apos Audio:
Apos x Audio-Technica R70x Refine Headphone
FiiO K19 DAC/Amp
Apos DIY Tube Amp (name TBD)
Apos x Magia Cable
Topping DX9 DAC/Amp
xduoo Tube Amp with Ray tubes

ETA Headphones:
Associate Amplifier - Parker Audio
Ugly Amplifier 6Y6- La Dolce Audio
Ada, "purple" - ETA Headphones
Modius - Schiit Audio

rhythmdevils audio:
Holo RED
Yggdrasil MIB
DNA Stratus

Rockna Hydra Z + ZPM
Yggdrasil A2
Cavalli Liquid Crimson
Modded Yamaha YH5000SE
Stock YH5000SE (TBD)

Enleum and Modhouse Collab: HPA-23RMH and Double Sided Tungsten

iFi Audio:
xDSD Diablo 2
hip dac 3
Go bar Kensei
Go blu
Go link
Go pod

Geshelli Labs:
J2 4499 with standard opamps
Erish 3 (E3)

HFA Project Dahlia headphone
Other items listed below in the community section.

Caldera Closed
Verite Closed
Verite Open
Atrium Open
Atrium Closed

Rag 2 Fully Loaded
Vali 3

From the community (TBD):
Questhate: Vinyl Rig: Technics 1200 --> Darlington MP-7 --> ZDT Jr --> ZMF Bokeh
Digital: Schiit Bifrot 2 OG --> Jotenheim 2 --> Drop x Grell OAE1
miter53: Aegis, DNA Starlett, Modhouse Tungsten, Shortest Way HPA, ZMF Auteur Classic
killthrash (HIFI FOR ALL): HFA Project Dahlia headphone, Chord Mojo 1, Mojo 2, Qutest, Woo Audio WA6, Vali 3, MASS-Kobo Model 433
Fippy: ESX900 (modded Fostex TH-900) (TBD)
dedust2: Chord Qutest , Violetric V222, HD 800 Shure 1840
CEE TEE: PS Audio PWD Mk II. > Moth 2a3 > JAR800 v3
NITSCH: Yggy LIM > DSHA-3FN > ZMF Atrium Open & Utopia
Edition: Schiit Jot 2, Modius E, Hiby R4
ohshitgorillas: Pi2AES > Gustard R26 > Mjolnir 3 > ZMF Atticus, HD800
enginerd: Warwick Bravura
Yury Z.: Audio GD DAC (Modified), Master Clock, Digital source playing PCM, MLP and DSD formats. Custom made cabling, Quad isolation transformer.
Rainstar: Xi Audio Formula S, Sagra dac denafrips Gaia ddc, RD modded he6, Abyss 1266TC
timeslip: Lotoo Mjolnir, Violectric v281, Weiss dac501

Photos from the prior events:
Jan 2023:
Jan 2024:

We will be having a giveaway! Geshelli Labs is donating the demo gear they'll be sending and we will be giving it away! The give away will be at 3:00 PM. Everyone who has a ticket for the event and comes in will have a chance to win but make sure you're around for the give away as only those still there will win. Also, if you are a volunteer or have a community table, you'll get double the chance! Don't forget to sign up!
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If there are any specific portable daps and/or iems that you would like to try out, please chime in here.
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Woo! 1mo away and it'll be audio heaven in downtown San Jose!
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Sounds great - planning to attend and looking forward to it. Lots of gear I am looking to try out for the first time, so this should be great. And look forward to meeting others in this hobby.

EDIT to ask if anyone may be bringing a Woo Audio WA5-LE?
I took a look at the sign up sheet and no one has listed one. So I’d say not at this time.
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If there are any specific portable daps and/or iems that you would like to try out, please chime in here.
Hi timeslip, I'm looking to try some IEMs in the $300-$600 range if you have any!
My only IEM at the moment is a pair of Moondrop Blessing 2's that are cracking and falling apart from 4 years of heavy weekday use. I suspect the printed shells don't hold up quite as well as injection molded equivalents but really enjoy them for their ability not to do anything "wrong" with any music :)

Does anyone have any of these?
  • HiSenior Mega5EST
  • Thieaudio Hype 4
  • Thieaudio Oracle
  • Thieaudio Oracle Mk2
  • XENNS Mangird Top
  • Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk
  • Moondrop Blessing 3
  • Moondrop Variations
Just for fun / for the sake of comparison:
  • Thieaudio Monarch Mk2
  • Thieaudio Monarch Mk3
  • Moondrop S8
  • Moondrop DarkSaber
  • Moondrop x Crinacle Dusk -- Could be the ticket, but would force me to by a new phone. I preordered and had to promptly cancel, sadly
Totally open to recommendations or hearing others to get some variety. Thanks in advance everyone!

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