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Battlefield 1

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by kundi, Dec 10, 2016.
  1. Kundi
  2. thisoneguy
    Fantastic game. 

    The maps, and flow of the game are flawless imo. Well worth the money.
  3. Optos
    Really like it but you do need some time to play it (as with other Battlefield game).  Hard to just sit down and play for 30 minutes.
  4. pmrcrazzy
    Anybody wanna squad up? pmrcrazzy in my origin
  5. Kundi
  6. pmrcrazzy
  7. Kundi
    XB1 for me. Is PC in 4K?
  8. pmrcrazzy
    No I prefer 2k getting around 90-100fps
    lichlord91 likes this.
  9. hattrick15
    Great game.  Wonderful Multi-player that BF is known for.  Surprisingly emotional and compelling Campaign mode.  A perfect game to play over the holidays.
  10. TwirlyWhirly555
    Good game , Love the MP side just as much as I did on BF4
  11. pmrcrazzy
    Anybody wanna squad up?
  12. shaisalem15
    Would have been fun if it didn't crash on my pc every single round ...
  13. cgi1775
    Great game. I need to get the season pass for my ps4.
  14. lichlord91
    Me too
  15. Iightning
    Anyone grab the new DLC's?

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