Battle of Bluetooth
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Jan 27, 2013
Battle Royale for Bluetooth: Sony MDR-1RBT vs AKG K845


Just wondering if anyone has a chance to compare the latest & great bluetooth headphones. Impressions & comparisons welcome! :)
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I've been wondering the same. I haven't been able to find any solid info on these two yet. 
Question for the AKG K845's: Are they Bluetooth 3.0 or 4.0?
The AKG K845's got their first reviews on Amazon recently though,
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hahah... damn, i was so excited to finally hear impressions. i feel like this battle comparison is a great match-up! but then again given audiophile's general distaste for bluetooth, i guess it's unlikely people here would have two pairs of similarly-priced blue-tooth headphones.
edit: both headphones look absolutely goregeous tho hahah
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Hi. I've had the MDR 1RBT and have now AKG K845BT. The AKG is better sounding(not by much), better reception/range. But 1RBT was more comfortable to wear in hours. One thing i dont like with K845BT was that it not possible to change tracks. Only voloum up/down and play/pause. Talked with AKG and they confirmed that its not possible. What the f. You might want to try the New 10RBT. Smaller and cheaper but soundwise about 80% of the 1RBT.
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@Poppi78   Could you go into a little more detail about what makes the AKG better sounding in your opinion? I really want to pull the trigger on the AKGs but I can't seem to find them anywhere to demo where I live. I'm particularly interested in their sub-bass, I've read really good things about its extension and impact when called for. I've heard the new, possibly upgraded 1RBT MK2. I like the headphones overall; they are wicked comfortable, but I wish there was less of a mid-bass hump and a little more sub-bass thump (wow that rhymed, unintentionally).
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You should check out phiaton chord ms 530 an logitech ue 9000 nice bass from those...
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The MS 530s look great. Are they on-ear? I'm not a huge fan, but if they're comfortable I'm willing to reconsider...

The Chord (MS530) is an on-ear model that surrounds the entire ear.

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