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Bathroom scene in the Shining.. One of the creepiest moments in cinema? Spoliers

  1. kool bubba ice
    I always found this scene to be very disturbing.. When Jack meets the former caretaker Grady who shot himself in the head after butchering his twin daughters.. I love the line by Grady.. "I corrected then sir." & the lines that brings me chills, when Grady tells MR torence, "you have always been the caretaker here."
  2. TheWuss
    you mean this one?  [​IMG]
  3. GreatDane Contributor
    Great movie. I saw this in the theater with my father when I was 13. I recently watched it on DVD with my 12 year-old son. He liked it but wasn't as shocked as I remember being.
  4. jack95
    I you havent read the book you definetly should, its better.
  5. kool bubba ice
    It should be.. But if it's based off the 1997 mini series I want no part of it.. The shining is the better film compared to the mini series, even though the mini series stays truer to the novel.. Most tend to feel this way..

  6. TheWuss
    the novel is great.
    it's stephen king at his peak, in my opinion.
     the biggest thing i wished the movie had touched on - there was a scene in the book where the topiary animals in the garden come alive.  it's positively chilling.  but, i guess for reasons of impracticality, the movie doesn't include this...
    instaed, kubrick did a maze of hedges, if i remember correctly...
  7. Landis Contributor
    As a child, the scene with the crazy old zombie lady in the bath freaked me out.
    Not a bad movie, but it wasn't amazing in my books.
  8. chadbang
    I love the movie to death. Breathtakingly beautiful. I admire its craftsmanship, performances, direction, photography - everything. But for some reason it never SCARED me. There are some tense moments but I expect edge-on-the-seat moments in horror films. I loved the movie so much, I transcribed the script by hand from an audio tape recording I made of it in the theater! But it still never "got to me" as, say, a film like "The Exorcist" did. Is it still one of the greatest horror films of all time? Absolutely. Is it the scariest film of all time? Not even close. 
    My favorite scene: Jack going after Shelly Duval for interrupting him while writing - where she's half-heartedly swinging the bat at him on the staircase.
  9. kool bubba ice

    It's more disturbing then scary overall.. When Danny see's the twins, & they ask him to play with them for ever.. Showing flashes of when they were butchered. That was SCARY.. The score alone scares me to this day.. I couldn't listen to it on a CD.. Frightens me too much..


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