Bassiest portable amp, amplifier???
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Jun 10, 2014
Bassiest portable amp, amplifier???

so here is the question fo ya all, what is the bassiest portable amp out there with descent sound quality?

i currently own smsl sap-5 and it has lots of bass, and the way i picked it i wanted something cheap like fiio e6 but read review of amps for a few euro more and according to review it had a lot of bass and so it does. but still not enough about 1/4 or 25 pacent lacking bass for ultimate bass.

to begin with im listening with xb90ex which on their own are useless for bass and need an amp to get bass from those touted bass iems.

but together its descent bass.

please dont suggest eq, it never sounds right, only bass amps do the bass right at least smsl sap-5 does.

also dont say that i need neutral earphones and that its farting bass. im well aware its coloured sound and i need cinema in movie cinema kind of bass.

if it wont be resolved i will just will look at reviews of amps and how much bass it has, cause thats the only thing that has been working consistently and will need to compare bass amps myself.

please dont suggest bass earphones here, those go to bass earphone iem thread.

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Fiio E12, Cayin C5.

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