Bassiest headphones ever, which?
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The worst bassyest headphones i got were the HD212 wich are only bass headphones, they were my worst headphones too...but for movie or game they were not too shaby..great explosions fx...i guess
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Originally Posted by grndslm /img/forum/go_quote.gif
MMmmmm.... this is what I'm after! I will have to work overtime for these babies, tho...

Are there any headphones that are a better value in the real hi-fi end of things?

Why not get the normal DT770/80?
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Let me just say.....
Bass is bass, a good headphone will produce whatever it is called upon to do. IMO, you should never want a headphone (or speaker for that matter) that is known to be sloppy in the lower octaves. Get something with a good reputation and it will serve you well.

I say get the Ultrasones. They are capabile of copious amounts of bass and can produce such prodigious output without the characteristic Beyer DT770 veil that many have come to know (and love?). I had a pair of DT770 which I sold after getting a Pair of Proline 650s. The DT770s just did not sound nearly as good. Plain and simple. A pair of M3 amped Sennheiser HD650s is now my main listening can for all types of music. Their bass capabilities extendends deeper into those last few octaves than either of my older cans (well, maybe not the DT770s, but I don't watch movies with my HD650s anyway). They are tight, fast and controlled when they need to be and bloated and slow when its called for.
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As per the thread Title:
The Skybeyers and PS-1 have quite a lot of bass. The darth beyers lack low end bass, but have a lot of mid bass which makes them sound like subwoofers stock. However, the bassiest headphone I have heard by far is a Recabled Denon D5000 to blanced, fed through a huge ass amp. Those took the cake my friends.

As per the OP:
For 350$? I'd say you would be very happy with the Denon D2000. Get it an you won't look back for a good while.
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Do you know what the D5000s were recabled with?
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Originally Posted by PFKMan23 /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Do you know what the D5000s were recabled with?

I believe I heard the pair Thrice had. It was this setup from the Florida Meet a week or two ago. You may want to send Thrice a PM.
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^ x2. Get DT770/80s to start, and when you want to upgrade and get a home source+amp, you can upgrade to Darth V3s.
Otherwise, if you don't think you'll upgrade, then I think you'll be quite happy with D2000s.
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This might sound very shallow, but I really like bass, so I started wondering: what are the bassiest headphones there is? Also, which ones are bassiest ones that desn't require a headphone amp (to be run off the D2 in any case). Oh, and headphones, not IEms or plugs ^^

Sol republic tracks on ear Deadmau5 edition, I have them, they have quit a bit of bass, And I do think that if they were in a competition, they would probably be 11th, if you want the first, id say Ifrogz moguls or beats pro.

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