basshead: help me choose: shure SE215 or SE315
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Jul 5, 2012
i'm a basshead, i listen to hardcore (electronic, not rock!), tekstyle music, so low and highs are very important for me (highs for tekstyle)
is it worth taking the 315 instead of the 215? (they are about 80$ more expensive)
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definitely not if you are a basshead
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ok thanks!
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i second that ive owned all of shure's line from the scl3 to red 535 and definitly feel shure's line is more of a refined bass signature. not very bass forward or mass quantity of bass. i wasnt too pleased with the 215-315 line, they both sound good, but not impressive....felt like shure saved their best quality in sound for the top tier iems.
are you trying to strictly stay with the shure line?
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i wanted shure because they were pretty cheap, and i liked the fact that i can replace the cable (already ordered an exo series cable on
it's too late anyways as i already got my 215-CL and they sound great, i am really impressed. they still need to get burned in, but i heard it doesn't take long for these iem's?
if you use the normal tips (gel type) i can understand what you say about the bass... but if you are using like me the foam tips... once they get the shape of your ear... it's awesome bass, i have to say they are really amped/eq'd a lot, i got a cowon player, i don't think there is any player offering more EQ settings than them, i've EQ'd itlike this for my Tekstyle/Jumpstyle music:  from lows to highs: +4+3+4+5+6 then BBE+10 mach3bass+5, mp enhance, stereo enhance 6 then it's connected to my fiio e07k with bass +8 and treble+6. let me tell you: i really don't want MORE bass than i have now! xD
i'm really pleased with these iem's. the only thing i don't like about them is how you plug them in your ears, it's weird and not easy (i guess i'll have to get used to it and then it won't be a problem anymore)
another thing i like about them is that they are really noise cancelling, if i put my music OFF, and someone is talking to me, i can barely hear the person :p
i'm discovering small new sounds in my tek music, it's awesome :)

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