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Jul 24, 2009
i'm new here, and i've spent the last 2 hours browsing these forums. but i still can't come to the conclusion what is the best around ear headphones for under 50$ with a lot of bass. i mainly listen to rap and hip hop and i wanna hear the bass without blowing out my eardrums.
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Hi, welcome to head-fi and sorry about your wallet

Alright decent bass for under $50, choices are Koss PortaPro for about $40, people rave about these and there bass ability... if you prefer full sized JVC HA-RX700 should fit the bill, good tight bass response, I like them a lot and there only $34 on
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Recently I purchased the ADDIEMs (Apple dual-driver) online for 49, and they are great. Retail they sell for more than your amount, but on ebay I've seen them for as little as 39. Being a dual driver, they perform especially well in the lower end for that price.
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The Koss Portapro is a good choice, but I would say check out the Sennheiser HD202. I had these for a little bit and they could totally crank out some killer bass. The only problem is that they have a 15 foot cable hahah...
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for around ear headphones you want the jvc harx700
the koss portapro is nice but is a small on ear open air headphone
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it says on amazon that the jve harx700 has an 11.48 foot cord. isn't that a little long?

Not if it's for home use- if you want a portable phone you should have specified that.
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Sennheiser PX 100 then. I liked those over the Koss. Alot. And its pretty hard to find(very hard) a over the ear headphone for under 50. I dont get why you dont just get an IEM, much better and stronger bass for the price. The only thing u will find for 50 is on ear. You can really forget about over. Completely over the ear, like PXC 350/450, are always more expensive than 50.
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Originally Posted by eryic /img/forum/go_quote.gif
okay, what are some good IEMs in my price range? i have the skullcandy ink'd right now and from what i've heard skullcandy is pretty terrible.

JVC Marshmallows FX33 or 34, and JVC AirCushions FX66, are both excellent in terms of SQ and comfort. The Marshmallows are extremely isolating, so much so that I avoid using them in public, but theyr'e great to fall asleep with.

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