Bass-y headphones for a newbie audiophile?
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Apr 25, 2015
Hey all, I got a pair of Senn's HD598s and love their balance, but need a bassier setup for when I listen to rap & electronic (I listen to rap, electronic, little bit of hip-hop, 00s indie rock, and regular rock; shouldn't worry about latter 3 b/c of 598s). I'll be running off of mostly 320kb/s MP3 or FLAC off of foobar2000 through a Schiit Magni 2 w/ nice cables (yes, decent setup but not that knowledgeable in headphones). I was thinking of some Audiotechnica-s, but decided against when the reviews I looked at (M-50s and A900x-s) rated them too close to my 598s.
I'm currently looking at:
I'm open and thankful for any suggestions.
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Ultrasone HFI-2400 and PRO2900 are relatively bassy/fun; PRO900 are significantly bassier (can be a lot of fun with electronic music). You might also consider the Denon D600, Creative Aurvana Live (which look to be on sale on Amazon currently), and the B&W headphones (I forget what they're called, P5? P6? something like that). I haven't heard A900X side-by-side with the 598, but have with the 558, and agree with the assessment - the 900X are a fine headphone, but they probably aren't what you're looking for here. :)

I haven't heard the HiFiMan so I can't comment on those. :xf_eek:

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